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Gilera or Not

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by gedsec, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I am thinking of buying a Gilera Runner SP180 but was wondering about the sevice and spares situation in Melbourne.

  2. Gilera Runner SP180 is now a defunct model and as such parts are scarce. It has been replced by the Runner VXR200 (four cycle). Peter Stevens (geelong!) & Vespa House are agents (Vespa/Gilera/Piaggio are all the same company). The 180's go like the clappers though!
  3. as they are still a new and small company compaired to honda/kaw/suz parts
    are a little hard to get but my mate has one, all service parts are ok. but painted part are a little tricky, you can buy raw panels thats none painted and your fine. -- but i guess your not planning on crashing---

  4. Hey Cooker could you ask you mate where he gets his scooter serviced. Oh and then tell me.

  5. We work on his bike but we buy the parts from Peter Stevens.
    Some of the guys on this site will say PS is sh*t. but the spares boys are good...

  6. Out of interest, who is the we in your statement above?
  7. Thanks cooker


  8. any questions you can get help from all scooter groups/clubs around Australia. In melbourne, you can go to this forum to ask the others where to get parts or any advise about scooter, and we do go for ride together quit often.


    I am in there too, hope could ride with you pretty soon!

    I think 2 of us got a SP180, maybe one of them is a new model 200cc 4-stroks.

    you can get some idea from them about that scooter!

    good luck!

  9. Ta scootergal

    I joined there as well

  10. Hi, I had a Gilera Runner 180 for a couple of years (4 stroke VXR). It was the best twist and go I have ever had. A great set up with outstanding road control, brakes, etc. Spares were no problem at all as they have a Piaggio motor. I say go for it. Call Motorini in Canberra for a chat as they have big wraps on them, and are good people.
  11. Thanks ADC

    I bought the Runner its a blast. Vespa House in Melbourne have been looking after it but any contact is most welcome.