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Gilera Nexus 500

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have any feedback on these scoots..

    Is a 450cc single cylinder engine, has twin disc front brakes and weighs 199 dry..

  2. I've had one since last June, sofar done about 10,000kms? on it.
    Brilliant red :LOL:
    But... seat's bloody comfy. Power's fine... Handles really nice, secure, surefooted.
    I've taken mine through from Walcha to Port Mac on the Oxley and another time been up to Coffs and back... sits happily on 90-150. I've had it up to 170 but I've heard they can go about 180/190...

    2 Brembo's up front and 1 rear makes for fun braking...

    So far it's been more than reliable for me, I've been in touch with others in Italy and they don't have any issues with them there...

    If I get bored I hop on the GTR, but both bikes are heaps of fun!!! :grin:

    you thinking of one???
  3. I sent you an email regarding this scooter mate.. Did you get it ??
  4. Yeah, sent a reply,
    Nexus are a fun maxi-scoot. Stack of them in Italy, fancy that :roll:

    Here's one of mine in the Walcha sunset on a recent trip:

    Nexus power :grin:
  5. Good looking scoot.. :grin:
  6. wow. bit heavy isnt it?

    if they can do 180 that is madness :D
  7. Picked it up today.. what a buzz... :grin:
  8. Congrats big fella on your new ride. Saw it last night at coffee, top looking scoot id have to say.

  9. Thanks mate.. :grin: