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Gilera Fuoco 500ie Milage Data on Weeks daily commute

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by romeo357, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have some fuel usage data for anyone interested in a Gilera Fuoco 500ie in standard condition, and maintained according to the schedule.

    ODO        Delta ODO       Lt        Km/L
    3212                                                           Vortex
    3410        198Km                8.38     23.63    A     V-Power
    3594        184Km               7.61     24.18    B     BP Velocity
    3848        254Km                10.51   24.17    C     SC8000 Mobil
                                        AVG     23.99    
    All fuel the highest octane rating available at servo, in this run it was all 98.

    Route A: Basically Pakenham to Stkilda Road via monash Burke Rd, High Street and back again.
    Route B: Pakenham to Stkilda Road via Dandenong Road inbound and freeway / Officer outbound + one lot of pakenham bypass.
    Route C: Pakenham to Stkilda Road then Port Melbourne, then home via monash freeway, exit at officer / pakenham.

    Riding times: 6:00am to 7:00am, and 3:30pm - 5:00pm, 6:30pm - 7:30pm and one lot of flowing mid afternoon freeway.

    This is normal passive in-lane riding, I don't lane split.

    Cheers Megan
  2. Thank you Megan for taking the time & trouble to record the figures.

  3. Thanks Megan im sure someone will thank you for that info :)

    I saw you fly past me on the monash the other day (Tuesday am) just near the Berwick turn off, I was the scared L plater on the red and black hyo..lol

    Im sure we will see each other on the 6am dash from Pakenham to the city
  4. Thats right.

    The hyo looked good too..

    Yea you can soon tell what the ride in is going to be like by the traffic between Officer and Narri Warren.

    How do you find the trip back out, I tend to oscillate between getting off at officer and going around to race course road.

  5. I work at RMIT on Swanston street and finish at 430 now :(

    The trip home is taking me just on an hour but saying that I dont lane split and until I get more courage/confidence try to stick to the left lane..lol

    The best trip home I have had so far was 50 minutes.

    The ride in takes about the same time.

    Im sure with more time on the bike I will be able to keep up with you :p
  6. Cool.

    Yea you won't have too many hassles keeping up, I am passive rider

    It was odd riding in the other morning when it was clear and there was daylight.

    I took Dandenong road in for the hell of it the other day and got to the office ten minutes later than normal and that was stopping at lakeside BP for fuel.

    That might be a one off but it was quite surprising.

    It made for a nice trip.

    Cheers Megan
  7. Do you have to use 98 octane, will it cope with lower rating fuel?
  8. Yea it coped ok.

    Cheers Megan
  9. Wooooe ! Wake me up !
  10. Go the MP3!

    I am working my way around to one, just for the fun of it. :)

    Gotta sell some of my bikes to do it, but have started already. ;-)

    Thanks for posting.


    Trevor G
  11. I took the Fuoco and MP3250 for test rides on the weekend.

    The store (in Sydney) had like an open day where you could take various models out for a 1/2 hour guided ride. Took 5 different scoots out in total.

    For the first five minutes I was not impressed with the MP3, it felt heavy and had trouble getting comfortable on the seat that seemed to want to push me forward and my knees felt like they were too high.

    After that five minutes though I started to get a better feel for it and confidence through the corners and roundabouts, these truly are the best handling machines on the road and 500 was an absolute hoot to ride. Wouldn't mind having one these in the garage.

    I imagine it would be even more fun in the wet. But even with the specials that I think are still running where they throw in CTP etc I think its still a bit expensive.