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Gilera DNA Owners in Victoria?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by sensible, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I posted this in the Wanted section; but I expect this will be more appropriate here.

    I'm interested in purchasing a Gilera DNA for my girlfriend, but she hasn't sat on one or seen one up close, so we're not sure what we're in for.

    I was wondering if there was anyone in Victoria (Melbourne Metro or Inner West [but we're prepared to drive]) that would be willing in letting us sit on and inspect your DNA up close for 20 minutes to size it up for a potential long term purchase.

    If there's anyone in this area that's looking to sell their DNA, we'd be interested in looking at it also.

    Please let me know: 0401 473 380.


    Carl & Monica
  2. Hi,
    I do have a DNA 180. I`ve been riding it for the last 2 and a half years now from Hamptonpark to City everyday. If you guys want we can meet one day and I can answer any questions that you might have. I work for Crown so it is preety central. I`ll give you a call 2morrow.

    My mob: 0400 202 308
  3. Hi Philip,

    Thanks for your time and help the other week, Monica and I really appreciate it.

    We've found and bought a DNA 125, now we're going through the process of getting it registered, and personalised :)

    I was wondering if I could pick your brain with a few questions about your bike?

    - Where did you get your side-stand from, and do they all auto-retract? Have you seen one that doesn't retract?
    - Is your pipe a Scorpion pipe, and where did you find the jetting info for it?
    - Do you know anything about the 210cc conversion? (IE/ Carb jets, pipe, any other necessary mods?)
    - Are there any good DNA forums?

    Thanks again,

    Carl & Monica
  4. Sorry about late reply didn`t realize you had a post. Really happy for you guys that you found one.Now side stand they all auto(spring ). My muffler is megacycle and main jet size original 118 now 120 but that is for the DNA 180. Your carburator is Walbro WF-7C. main jet size is 108 starter jet 50 pilot jet 36. Parts you can get ...............................and forum is
    ....................there is a DNA forum there. 210 conversion you can get it from gilera spares as well or there is a place on Hoddle st Richmond they sell too I belive. And check this place out they dont deliver to Australia yet but their catolog is good you can see how things work or connected. I get some parts from gilera spares some ebay and some Peter Stevens. Depending on price importance and durability. By the way long time ago I did get 2 belts for my DNA Athenass brand even though it does say DNA 180 it is not bit longer and bit thinner I belive it is for DNA 125 I`ll try to find out for sure if it is for DNA 125; they are yours (free) no good to me at least you guys can use it. By the way why you want the side stand not auto-retract it should go up other wise not safe hanging down. Or do you mean you want to put it up and down manually if that is the case never seen one sorry. Last but not least I don`t check this site too often when you guys wanna ask something more than welcome to mail me on .......... or can contact me 0400 202 308. Have nice day and safe riding. (Okey doesn`t let me post links but I`ll SMS them to you)
  5. Hi I ride a DNA 180 myself, but up in Sydney.

    I am really interested in those same links myself, but I haven't been here often enough to send yopu a PM.

    Is it possible that you could send me a PM with the links? I would like to improve a few things on my DNA, I just don't know where to go.


  6. I am hoping you guys can help as I am looking to purchase a DNA bike myself and I was wondering if you knew where to buy one in Melbourne or where to start looking.

    Thanks for any help.
  7. Another interested

    Hi guys,

    sensible (or Monica):) would you be able to give us a review of how the Gilera is going?
    Also what you thought of ergonomics, what they look/sound like, comfortable cruising speeds etc. It's been a while since I've been near on, now I've actually got some cash I'd be interested in how the DNA is as a commuter. :)

    Phill, would you mind pm me those links too pls? :grin: I want a 180 DNA, would you be able to tell me a little of what to look out for with them as I'll be buying second hand?

  8. I think Peter Stevens in the city has one.
  9. Re: Another interested

    Hi Pink,

    I have been ridding my in Sydney Traffick for three years or so now & find it a great commuter. Its comfortable and cruises down the motorways at over 100Km quite comfortably.

    It probably saves me between 20 to 30 minutes each way when I ride into the CBD in Sydney from 30 Kms out.

    Sorry, but I never received the links, so can't pass them on.