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Giggled all the way home

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, May 28, 2007.

  1. Went & dropped my lovely SV off for some TLC & the bike I was given to get me safely back home was a cruiser ......

    A 2004 Kawasaki Eliminator to be exact. Rather large looking beast was my first impression. Anyhow, start it up, jump on and off we go.

    "Where the hell are the foot pegs" was my next concern whilst feet aimlessly tread air! I had to look down. Ah - that far forward! Ok. Now how am I going to change gear whilst riding on the balls of my feet - I'm not! Change foot position. Still can't seem to easily locate the foot brake - oh well. 80% of my stopping power in the front brake anyhows .........

    Next thought - how does one get around a corner on this style bike? Counter-steer, weighting the outside peg, shifting my body weight. All seems fairly natural on the sports bike - but not on this thing! OK, KISS - keep it simple stupid. Just look where you wanna go & turn the bars. Cool, that worked easy as, talk about overthinking a situation ........

    I can see why some people swear by such an upright riding position. No stiff arms, no death-grip on the bars, no pressure on wrists. Upper body is relaxed. Comfty seat, altho' after an hours riding my upper legs were beginning to ache - different muscles being used I guess. And I reckon I'd get a numb-bum as not used to actually sitting on it whilst riding - leaning forward & such.

    Then I thought I'd better check how fast/slow I'm going - where the hell is the speedo? Am so used to just glancing down at my controls - I had to actually put my head down to see them. Man, thats not good. Figured I wouldn't be doing anything to warrant a fine, but checking to see if blinkers were working, in neutral etc was a bit of a pain. I guess once you know your bike there's no need to look for these things - but it was all very new to me!

    All in all - a fun ride just because it is so so different. Won't be doing any wheelies or scraping the pegs, but got me home saftely. Still, am looking foward to picking up my SV tomorrow :)
  2. Cruisers are awesome looking bikes, i might buy one in the future when i have money to throw away, just for the hell of it, but id never buy one over a sports or naked. Nakeds are my "comfy-style" bikes, cruisers are the "image" bike. You could prob say the same with the sports, but they're also fun :p :oops:
  3. Welcome to the dark side......... :cool:
    The riding position is why I LOVED the cruiser. Cornering, a little different than a sporty, but pretty simple. Had to be as us knuckle dragging cruiser riders don't think anyway... :cool:
    The speedo I agree can be painful.
  4. I agree with you on the wheelie point, but those things can scrape their pegs in a straight line!
  5. Welcome to the fantastic world of cruisers, although Elle (the EL250) is really only a slightly modded GPX250, seating possie is very close to the GPX.

    I agree with your comment on the upright seating position, which I find more comfortable than the sports bike riding position (stuffed knees don't help the situation).

    I will probably be upgrading within 12 months to either a Vulcan800, Boulevard or Shadow750 - Dont care too much for the XV series, all that I have ridden feel like they want to understeer all the time.

  6. we cruiser riders will convert the world yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Today BB tomorrow the world...hehehhehehheehehehehhehe....

    Go the boulevard. Nice bike.
  8. Well they do say we have a rapidly aging population, so you just might! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. It's just a more relaxed way to ride . . . :grin:
  10. C'mon - go the boulevard!
  11. Shhh dont tell everyone, there is not enough cool to go around.
  12. I had my first play on a cruiser a few weeks ago, a little 250 Virago to be exact (friends learner bike).
    Yep, I had my feet flailing in the air on take-off, desperately searching for those elusive pegs! But I loved the comfy posi, and the ease of steering, and the different mentality of "let's just enjoy this" instead of "GET IT IN THERE, TIP IT OVER, ON THE GAS, PHWOAAAR!!!).
    If I had the money I'd keep my sv650s and get a cruiser too... and a dirt bike, and a gsxr750, a Triumph Thruxton, a Speed Triple etc etc :p
    Still, I should probably learn how to ride at least one kind of bike properly first!
  13. Ok I’m over the hill and ride an 06 Hog Softail with Screaming Eagle mods. It’s a world of difference from my previous CBR1000, sold late last year, but it’s not so bad, considering ladies are constantly asking to go for a ride and guys stop and ask questions.
    However… the dealer that has sold me most of my Honda/Suzuki bikes and scoot, has just shown me the Suzuki Boulevarde M109R and should take it for a spin sometimes this week.

    Good chance I’ll be trading my Hog for this new baby very soon.
  14. Yeah I hired one when I first got my license and rode down to Wonthaggi. For my first ride, and being along one, it was fantastic on my dodgy knees. Can certainly feel the difference having them 'tucked up' on the CBR.
  15. 'Cop' Encounter

    Apologies for the post I had here - it was meant to be a new topic and I somehow managed to put in under this one - what a spaz! Please ignore any remnants of it :grin:

  16. I made very sure no-one saw me :LOL:
  17. Just a footnote to say I am now back in possession of my own bike. :)
    And altho' I can see why a pillion may find a cruiser a whole lot more comfty than a sports bike - I just can't picture myself on one. A wise friend once stated motorcycling is all about passion & its the sports-type bikes that set my heart a flutter - so they're the ones for me :p
    Took me a couple of set of lights to find my foot-pegs again - amazing how quickly one adjusts to a different bike!
  18. Each to their own
    You obviously like something between your legs that goes off!
    We on the other hand just like to feel the rumble of the gentle cruise :LOL:
  19. On Monday I put the GSXF in for a service, and the courtesy bike was...a 250 Virago!

    Same problem finding the footpegs, BB! But it really wasn't a bad little thing, and I quite enjoyed it.

    Give me a Boulevard and I could quite get into this cruiser business (but I still wouldn't want one as my only bike)!