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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DLO01, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Hi Gals and Guys. Dean here. Just saying hello. Nice forum! =D>

  2. Hey..

    Welcome to NR (y) enjoy
  3. Welcome, is 001 James Bond on Ls
  4. Thankyou both of you for your kind welcomes. From 40 views thats not too bad is it? Slackers!!!

    DLO01 was my plates on my old car, DL being my initials.
  5. So what's your ride Dean? are you a learner - P-plater - long time rider - or thinking about it? Where ya from?

    Are you hot? :)P.. sorry had to ask - you'll understand when you read more posts here)
  6. Hahah!

    Live on the southside of Brizzy. Got my first bike (Yamy pee wee 50) when I was 4 years old. Currently ride a 2006 Gen 6 Honda VFR800 as my daily (great bike). Also have and 2011 MV Agusta F4 for the weekends.

    As for being hot? Not one to comment on myself, but have had some young girls ask me the same question as they stopped next to me at the lights. I think the full riding gear tickles their curiosity. Am I right?
  7. too right .. haha! t'is the only time I'm hot :rofl:

    well, enjoy the forum.. get in the mix, check for meet ups in your area (if your into that kind of thing) and have fun ay?

  8. Shall do Lee. Thankyou!