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Gidday from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tcgrrl, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Hi all
    Finally got around to joining here, been riding for a couple of years through my Ls and Ps and as my daughter just turned 8 I can now take her riding too - get them young I think!
    I mostly commute so my little SRV250 is great although I do daydream about W800s and Triumphs too.
    Modern Classics are my style.
    Many from Newcastle/Lake Macquarie way here?

    See you out on the road

  2. Welcome to NR. Nothing wrong with 250's. Keep dreaming & it will become a reality.
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  3. Welcome from Port Stephens. There are a number who post here from Newcastle but I have not seen too many rides organized for some time now. I also have drooled over nice big bikes but they never got one. Nothing wrong with a 250.
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  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. Welcome along, tcgrrl
  6. Thanks for the welcomes :)
  7. Welcome to the madhouse!