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Gidday from Darwin, NT

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TropoBone, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. HI, thought I'd pop in and take a look around.
    Left southern climes for adventure, and eventually Darwin, in 1993. Thought I'd stay a year or two. Here I am 20 years later!
    1st Bike = 1985 Kawasaki GPz250
    1986 BMW R65 Monolever (the bike I should never have sold)
    1986 Kawasaki GTR1000
    2003 Kawasaki GTR1000 (when you are on to a good thing...)
    2008 Suzuki 1250S Bandit.
    Was TropoBone on the GTR1000 forum and the Suzuki Bandit/GSX forum so thought I'd keep the same name.

  2. Hey mate. I'm also up Darwin. Are you a member on Darwin street bikes yet? If so, I'm Greeny on there as well. If not, have a look and join up. Welcome to net riders by the way
  3. Hello and welcome :) What was it about that R65 that made it so good?
  4. Welcome to NR !
  5. Thanks fellas - will check out DSB :peace:

    The R65? It was such a competent daily rider. Perfect example of a LAMS bike before LAMS was invented. Simple. Easy to ride. Factory panniers looked right on the bike. Engine bars took all the low speed tips and scrapes while I was 'learning my trade' without a trip to the repairers following every mishap. Enough power for two up day trips if you were happy with the speed limit. Good, not great, on dirt and gravel.
    Weirdest thing, out of all the bikes I've owned, its the one that non-riders liked the look of the most!
    And... out of all the bikes I've owned, and ones I've borrowed or rented, from J model Gixxers to Road Kings, its the only one where girls asked me "Can you take me for a ride?"
    Don't ask me why that was - I don't comprehend it, but there you go!
    But sensibility didn't have a chance when I tasted a 1000cc inline four ;)
  6. I like the look of those older BMs, big black tank, the cylinders low and out on each side, classic motorbike shape. A teacher used to ride one when I was at school. Every time I think about buying one I read online info and they seem to be described as under-powered. Perhaps that's only in comparison to the amazing sports bikes available today. LOL at the girls wanting a ride thing, there was a thread on Netrider a few months back about a Harley ad where it implied you'd have to fight off girls, we all thought it seemed unlikely :) Maybe an old beemer is the secret.