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Gibernau to Ducati

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nearlyempty, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. "SETE GIBERNAU is on the brink of clinching a multi-million pound deal to join Ducati in 2006. The 32-year-old Spaniard met Bologna factory bosses last Friday to open negotiations about riding a factory
    Desmosedici in MotoGP.
    He flew straight to Italy after lastminute demands to be placed in Honda’s official factory squad next season were rejected by HRC bosses in Japan.
    Gibernau gave HRC until last Friday to meet his request, and only hours after learning that Honda won’t bow to his demands, Gibernau was on the plane to Italy to discuss a deal that would see him link up with Loris Capirossi in the Marlboro-backed squad.
    Gibernau is rumoured to be demanding a whopping £3.5m to join Ducati, which is way more than bosses are willing to pay. But Bridgestone, the team’s tyre supplier, have reportedly told Ducati they will meet the shortfall between what Ducati wants to pay and what Gibernau is demanding.
    Gibernau looks certain to have no future at Honda after his personal sponsor Telefonica MoviStar confirmed last week it will quit MotoGP this year. Spanish tobacco company Fortuna will now take over backing Gibernau’s current team, and they aren’t willing to cough up the money to keep Gibernau with current team-mate Marco Melandri.
    Fortuna bosses said they would keep Gibernau if Honda paid a large chunk of his wages. Honda is reluctant to do that, and it now seems that Toni Elias will move from Yamaha to join Melandri."

  2. So this now means that Rossi will have a red-coloured bike to aim at the side of in the last corner, instead of a blue one.........
  3. Gibe might be in luck.

    ...if Rossi is red/green colour blind.
  4. Gibernau couldn't perform on a top spec Honda, I don't care what anyone says it was a factory backed bike, even though it was a satellite team. What makes anyone think that he will now perform on what probably is considered an inferior bike?
  5. Absolutely right, nodz.

    he's changing cabins on the Titanic imho.
  6. It maybe just what he needs, let's hope that he can start winning races, motogp definately needs someone else to start winning, it's becoming boring.
  7. I hear ya scooter but credit where it's due, rossi is a genius on a bike. Read on the ABC website a week or so ago that he will be testing for Ferrari once a month so that might slow him down next year.

    As fas as Gibernau goes, I guess it's a move based on money as I doubt the Duke will put him any closer in the championship race.
  8. I say we give Rossi a 250 with a NOS canister and see how he goes.
  9. I'm not attempting to take any of the credit away from Valentino Rossi, but when I pay money I want to see a race.
    It gets a bit like when grandad took you to the trots, the most interesting part of the race is just after the start, after that nothing much changes.
  10. I doubt anyone will seriously challenge Vale for a while, but Sete's move might just be a clever move.
    There are signs that Ducati are finally making some progress, especially with new tyres available. Witness last weeks podium. Now that Loris has done all the hard work, it might be a good time for the sneaky Spaniard to make his move...
  11. Whether it's a good move or not time will tell, but at least he's gotta be a better buy than Charlie Chucka.
  12. Failing to match the greatest racer of all time doesnt necessarily equate to underperforming. I think, in the company he's keeping, he's done a sterling job. Been psyched out by Rossi often, but who wouldnt be?
  13. I'm sorry, I have to disagree. Gibernau is fragile under pressure. He doesn't seem to have the killer instinct he had last year and I don't agree that he is doing a "sterling job"

    His performances this year have been very disappointing at best. Leave Rossi out of the equation altogether and just compare him to the other riders and he still doesn't show up well. Yes, he's had some pole positions, but he hasn't converted them, and you must do that if you are to be considered the "alternative" champion.

    By my reckoning, Gibernau is not the "best of the rest".
  14. What a waste of money... :sigh: