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Gibernau on Pole at Brno

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Sete Gibernau has topped the timesheets in final qualifying for the Czech Grand prix at Brno tonite (AEST)

    Gibernau 1:57.504
    Hayden 1:57.551
    Capirossi 1:57.685
    Rossi 1:57.885

    Baylis 13th
  2. On Foxtel at 7.30pm tonight Sunday!
  3. .... and for those of us without Foxtel, there's Netrider......
  4. Anyone want to start a book on how Gibernau will hand the race to Rossi this time???


    In the 250's, Casey Stoner is 3rd, just 2 tenths off pole, but Ant West has had a shocker and is in 22nd place.
  5. No bets on what chucka checa will do!
  6. Nasty, but probably true!!

    I'm surprised at Capirossi's performance. The Ducati must suit the track, he was fastest in 2 of the 3 Free Practices as well.
  7. Here's the usual Pre-Race Statistical Analysis

    >Sete Gibernau won last year’s race at Brno after qualifying on pole. Gibernau’s pole position time is more than 1.2 seconds faster than the previous pole position record set in 2003 by Valentino Rossi.

    >The top fifteen riders on the grid have lapped faster than the existing lap record, set last year by Alex Barros.

    >After finishing third in Germany, Nicky Hayden will be aiming to score back-to-back podium finishes for the first time in 2005.

    >Loris Capirossi starts from the front row for the first time since the Chinese GP back in May.

    >Valentino Rossi starts the race with a lead of 120 points in the Championship classification, the largest points lead ever after 10 races in any of the Grand Prix classes. A victory for Rossi at Brno will create a new record of becoming the first rider to score nine or more wins in the premier-class in a single season on five occasions.

    >Yamaha are currently level with MV-Agusta on 139 premier-class Grand Prix victories. The only manufacturer with more victories in the class is Honda, which has 194.

    >Marco Melandri is a three-time winner at Brno, having taken the victory in the 125cc race in both 1998 and 1999 and the 250cc race in 2002. A victory in the premier class would make him only the second rider to have won in all three classes at the current Brno circuit, the only other rider to have achieved this being Valentino Rossi.

    >Carlos Checa has qualified in his best grid position since he started from third at the second race of the year in Portugal.

    >Alex Barros, who finished on the podium at Brno back in 1998, crashed out of the race last year after setting a new lap record while battling with the lead riders.

    >John Hopkins has qualified as the top Suzuki rider for the tenth time from the first eleven races of 2005. Suzuki have not had a podium finish at Brno since Kenny Roberts was third in 1999.

    >Max Biaggi is the most successful rider at the current Brno circuit, having won the 250cc race on four occasions and the premier-class race three times.

    >James Ellison, who made his GP debut last year at Brno, is the top Dunlop qualifier for the second successive race on board the Blata WCM machine.
  8. OK, here's the warm-up results.


    Suprise performances from both the Suzukis and the Ducatis.

    Ominously, Rossi, lurking in 5th.
  9. Ha...ha...after viewing last nights race events, can nothing go right for Gibernau?
  10. Rossi walks on water, there's no doubt about that.
  11. I think it was a good thing Sete was beaten before he broke down - we would have been crying poor if it happened a lap earlier.
  12. He just continues to find new ways to lose, doesn't he???

    And he's Honda's LEAD rider?????
  13. Good race though, esp the last few laps :)
  14. I especially liked the last 500 metres :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I saw the results, but not the race; it's like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't it
    Here's a thought, though.
    In 30 years time will people be saying that Rossi had superior equipment, like they say looking back 30 years now, to Ago and Mike the Bike?? How accurate is history, given that it is always written by the winners?
  16. How many ways can Sete lose a race :shock:

    I wonder who miscalculated the fuel :oops:
  17. The fact is that Rossi hasn't always had superior equipment, especially in the last two years. The Yamaha was palinly inferior to the Honda in just about every respect.

    And remember that, in his 125cc days he wasn't running a works bike eiither.
  18. Another mature ride from Stoner. I've said it before, but there is a rider with a bright future.

    What's the views here on Pedrosa entering MotoGP? I reckon he has what it takes.
    Future champion? If he approaches MotoGP with the same manner that he has been riding 250's, then you betcha.
  19. they were saying pedrosa will be on an 800 next year, to help prepare and tune /setup for 2007 (I presume he will be on a honda). Is that true?

    The gresini racing and www.crash.net are both saying Gibernau's problem wasn't running out of fuel but a fuel control problem. While running out of fuel is certainly one control problem, they are also leaving it open to suggestion that there was some sort of technical problem other than a fuel miscalculation.
  20. I can't see anyone running out of fuel with all the electronic data they have at their disposal. They would certainly have put enough fuel in the tank for the race, not matter how hard he was riding. A fuel "delivery" problem, yes, that makes sense.

    Yes, Pedrosa WILL be on a Honda, that's why some of the established Honda riders are looking a little worried at the moment, cos there will be the same number of bikes as this year....therefore, one of them, at least, is going to have to go.

    IMHO they should ALL go (except, perhaps Hayden)