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Gibernau announces retirement from racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Gromit, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. From the official MotoGP website:

  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: That's right up there with Greg Norman's "I'm a winner in life" after his '96 loss in the Masters.
  3. Good. I am pleased he is retiring. It was a pity Ducati wasted a year on him. He seems to have some issues and it wouldn't matter who was riding for; he just doesn't have the ticker to do it. Nice to be able to say he doesn't have to do it for the money. On the other hand would love to be able to ride as well as he does, but his brain fade is something I could do without - it was a shame he lost the plot and never found it again.
  4. At least he'll get to spend more time with his family! :LOL:
  5. I see this as a real pity; Gibber on his day was one of the few who had the skill to challenge Rossi. That last lap of Brno 2005 was one of the best bits of racing I've seen.
  6. Well I like his reasons for not continuing on...$$ Good on him. What a life he's led! One of the older guys gone though :( ..not that 33 is old ;)
  7. The last lap sequences on 'Faster' with Gibby show his true capability. Have a read of the BBC message boards http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A17161030 some are really funny, a couple revealing.

    His sooking at the opener of 2005 was dumb and set the tone for the season. And at Qatar after Rossi prophesied that he'd never win another race was spot on.

    Anyone who can take it to Rossi is good. Something we've only seen from Melandri and Capirossi on a consistent basis. All the others, Biaggi, Gib's have all succumbed to the pressure.
  8. Let's put it this way, he wasn't f*cking BORING like some current "world chumpions" I could mention.
  9. Loz, you are a cracker!

    Now, if only they'd give you a 800cc MotoGP spec Honda, that'd be a true competition. And you'd be able to do this 200kmh mono's you've been thinking about...!
  10. Bugger that, let's stick Hyosung fairings on it, plonk Roarin on the back and send him off to a PI trackday. Now THAT would be a giggle... :grin:
  11. I'd agree with all that.

    I was a bit of a Sete fan, but he lost me at Jerez 2005. I've no doubt he's a terrific bloke (and by any rational standard a riding god), but Rossi crushed him mentally in that last corner and it showed.

    And this year (was it Valencia?) when he ran into the side of his team-mate off the startline, causing that involuntary stoppie and triggering the appalling first corner accident that took out several other riders... :evil:

    Time to go, mate.
  12. goodbye Gibbo, and dont come back! :jerk:

    Which leads me to another welcome (?) returnee: one A. Barros.... What does he think he is going to do on a 2nd string Ducati - challenge for the title? He should stay in Supers and maybe have a chance at actually running near the front, and let some young up-and-commer have the MotoGP ride.

    Ok thats 2c. :grin:
  13. We want Bayliss..
    we want Bayliss,
    we want Bayliss,
    we want Bayliss,
    we want Bayliss,
    we want Bayliss,
    we want Bayliss.........................

    That's all I have to say about Sete.
  14. GT, Barros might have pulled off a little bit of a blinder.

    This year and D'Antin team were running the GP5 bike. Next year they'll run the GP7 bike, the same as the official team. There's actually a decent chance it'll be the same spec as the Ducati team and certainly no worse than a satellite Honda team. Ducati are known in SBK for providing really good backup for their satellite teams, so he might not be onto a bad thing. As for the championship, no hope!
  15. This might be a bit of an injoke, but you know what I'm going to miss??? Mrs Scumbags's "Which lap will Gibber choke" predictions. :LOL:

    Hard not to have respect for him... but he made it easy not to like him outright.
  16. "sigh"...........pooooor Sete.....

    ok - nano second of sympathy over.....byeeeee Sete, enjoy retirement :p

    I am kinda hoping that Stoner doesnt take the whole follow in Sete's footsteps too seriously tho.....instead of playing the "which lap will Sete choke" game, we might be playing "which lap will Stoner bin it" game.
  17. I hope Barros hears the press release about Gibber.
    All I can say is HANG UP THE HELMUT ALEX! :mad:
    As for Sete wellllll , at least he tried.