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Giant squid spotted!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Ok, so it wasn't an actual giant squid, but it's the worst case of squidding ive seen. Saw a rider, who had full gear on, giving some chick a ride on the back of his bike who was wearing shorts, t-shirt and that's it! No shoes, NO HELMET! Amazing stuff. Didn't even have her feet on the foot pegs (probably to spikey!! ](*,)

  2. I've only ever once seen a rider without a helmet. Mind you, I take every chance I can to ride without one (at slow pace - around the farm, around Melb Uni's large cop-less campus). If this were California I'd still wear a helmet almost all the time, but gosh it feels great without one!

    I wouldn't worry about the girl...wait till summer to see the speedo and bikini two-up. Shame on them - I never leave home without the safety of a good pair of K-Mart jeans! :)
  3. Another squid thread. Seriously you people need to shut the hell up about this because im pretty sure no one cares anymore. You safety nazis beat this to death every week!

    Oh yeah, :worthlesspics:
  4. Was she hot? :LOL:
  5. Two sides of my personality in conflict:

    Oh no, squid!

    Mmm, bikinis on bikes...

    Still, she'll look less hot in the bikini with massive scars, sooo...

    Leathers 'til you get to the beach!
  6. I'm sure this has already been posted, but what the hey....

  7. Yes, please tell me what I need to do!

    No guys, she wasn't hot...
  8. Happy compromise:

    What if she was wearing those Draggins underwear as a bikini?

    Or, for the fashion and price conscious, a leather bikini. With studs. In red.

    That starts my engine...
  9. Well she should cover up head to toe in full leathers and then a big baggy rain coat over it! :LOL:
  10. this isn't exactly just another squid thread, it actually has merit, when/if i do pillion, it will be full gear for me and pillion

    it's a bit ridiculous to have a pillion with nothing at all, especially no helmet
  11. Im not telling you what to do and by you saying that i have its just given me the impression that your also a fcuking moron.

    I was saying that i believe that all this constant squid bullshit has been beaten to death, there is no real need to be posting this crap over and over and over. Its like the damn lanesplitting threads.

    Here, i have an idea for all you that feel the need to post about these squid topics, why don't the admins on this site make a special thread for all these squid posts to be put in.
  12. Its not your standard squid thread but it's still complaining about others and their gear even if it does have a slight humor to it, maybe.
  13. Are you kidding?

    How can you call this unsafe behaviour when she's got twin airbags?
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  15. Causes target-fixation!
  16. Whats with all the fu%$ing squid talk at the moment!?!?!? Its shitting me to tears!

    WHO GIVES A RATS ASS???!!!!!

    This forum has an automatic swear word editor thingy right? I vote the word "squid" be added to it. That way, anyone who writes "squid" has it automatically changed to something like "youre a tool, get over yourself". Sick to death of seeing it!

    Im having calamari for dinner! Yum!
  17. I can't understand why people who don't like threads on squids/lanesplitting/etc continue to read and post in them. Move on people :grin: