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Ghostrider Z3 M Coupe Chase

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Guest, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. I dont understand all the fuss of that ghost rider 4... Was boring as fcuk, whole heap of setup car and bike chases... If it were all legit it would be alright. I mean sure theres still some pretty talented riding but why the lame "cop" chases
  2. Gets a bit boring after the start... Nice drifting round the corners from Beemer man but that bike could have taken him anytime.
  3. sometimes i feel like the lesser man with dialup :(
  4. These guys obviously want to die.
  5. When I saw the first Ghostrider (before I had a bike license) I thought he was a total dickhead. Now having got my bike license, i think he's one SKILLED dickhead! :LOL:

    All the safety stuff and danger to public aside.. he's one helluva nut and i just feel so inadequate that i can't even confidently do a wheelie / mono / front weel up / whatever it is called these days! :LOL: (BTW Great write up kishy)

    Just a stupid question.. can anyone tell me what sorta bike he's riding? Seems to me that it's a Gixxer Thou?
  6. K5 GSXR 1000 matey :wink: if you want to see 'good' GR movies watch GR1 and GR2 the rest are a bit dull :wink:
  7. where do you get the movies from?

    ive never seen them in the video store or anything.. not that i have been looking..
  8. I download movies/music. If i enjoy em i do the right thing and buy em... If theyre shit, fcuk em :roll:
  9. bike shops and some car shops sell em mainly mate,or if you want you can buy them direct at www.ghostridermovie.net :wink:
  10. at the risk of sounding like a lameass... I think I could have taken that car many times during that chase....
  11. Thanks mate. That's what I was thinking. Right after watching this, I downloaded the person-who-shall-remain-anonymous's's's's spur ride over the weekend! :LOL:

    *gets down on his knees and bows to DA MAN!* RESPECT mate! :biker:
  12. no worries bud :wink:
    lol thanks mate :D
  13. Of course its staged. Thats fairly obvious, & it was done for entertainment.
    That was obvious as well :LOL:
  14. Spot on mate,they wanted to move away from the other movies style,pity it backfired on 'em and turned out like sh1t! :LOL:
  15. True.. Thats why I'd never buy a copy, but its good enuf
    2 d/load for nothing & have a squiz at. Its not something
    that you'd watch over & over tho
  16. lol,GR1 and GR2 i still watch,already seen em about 30 times but its still entertaining,GR3 and mainly GR4 are just crap though,watch em once and thats enough :wink: :(
    I love the 500hp turbo busa 8)
  17. That Busa is unreal

    Thats the one where they show the pipe glowing red hot yeh?
  18. :wink: :wink: its black and fully faired in GR1 and green and naked in GR2, 300km/h+ wheelies anyone? :LOL:
  19. I thought it was bullshit he was doing 300km/h+ when he was doing
    those wheelies..

    Only bc the surroundings didnt look like it was moving fast enuf :?: