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Ghostrider vs Rossi

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. What characteristics/riding skills/achievements etc makes either
    person the better rider & why?

    Your thoughts pls :wink:

  2. Apples to oranges almost...

    their both fruits but! :p

    I reckon theyre both legends in their own stake, I wouldn't be able to tell you which I'd rather meet first if they were both in the same place as me at the same time...

    Probably whoever's standing closer :p
  3. I reckon Rossi would be just as loony on a bike. I've seen vids of ordinary motogp racers out on the streets and every one of them rides like a loon, they have absolutely no fear. They are both alike in this respect.

    Rossi is by far the better rider, but Ghostrider does his stuff without the backing of the FIM :LOL:
  4. FWIW, I have far greater respect for Rossi.

    Even if he doesn't lane-split between trucks at 250 klicks... :shock:
  5. Rossi HAS to ride in all conditions, rain, wind, sand on the track, etc, whereas a stunt rider can choose where he rides and under what condition he rides
    Rossi has to ride all the tracks dictated by the FIM, whereas a stuntrider can choose his venue
    Rossi's exploits are performed before thousands of paying spectators, whereas a stunt rider can take and re-take film and scenes till he has if the way he likes it

    perhaps not as central to the argument, but Rossi is a paid employee of Yamaha and has to meet their expectations, whereas a stunt rider can please himself

    Who is the better rider? Unquestionably Rossi; stunt riders perform at GPs to warm up the crowd, but the crowd pays to see Rossi et al
  6. Good point. I have a vid of GP riders on the road as well. My vid also
    shows one of em going down on a corner; something that hasent been
    seen on vid yet with Ghostrider

    It is hard to compare bc no one has seen either swap worlds.

    My personal opionion tho, if I had to choose, would be Ghostrider.
    I think it takes a braver & more skilled rider to do what he does
    to be riding in a much more hazardess less controlled environment
  7. The rumour at one stage was that if you had both of them in the room at the same time, only one of them would turn up.
  8. Neva heard that one B4..

    So amuse me by telling me which one wouldnt turn up :LOL:
  9. that rumour was quashed when everyone realised valentino rossi didn't resemble a short stocky swedish bloke :LOL:
  10. Umbelievable :shock:
    But I have heard this rumour now,from a new European(Spain) friend as well.

    Personally I hope it's not one person.
  11. Ghostrider "races" against soft targets, down straight freeways with big gaps and emergency lanes and nobody's trying to stop him from getting past.

    Rossi's competing against the best riders in the world, each of whom are trying to make it as hard as possible for him to get through, and he's winning it time and again on racetracks designed to be hard to ride even without any traffic to contend with.

    Ghostrider's a clown, Rossi's the real deal.
  12. ..... and the moon is STILL made of green cheese, and Oswald REALLY did shoot Kennedy and Wallace with one magic bullet and Janet and Michael Jackson are one and the same.....

    c'mon guys, this isn't the dark ages
  13. So Rossi's better then you reckon? :LOL:
  14. 2 completely different people , 2 completely different environments . Both the best at their chosen craft .
  15. Are you saying that the moon smells like old people?
  16. Dan I was referring, perhaps a little obliquely, to the preposterous assertion that they are one and the same person

    scooter, having only seen the moon from a distance, I can't comment, but having smelt some old people, I would have to hope not!
  17. "devils advocate "

    but rossi rides on multi million dollar tracks with the stickiest of tyres , best equipments , perfect tarmac tracks, no cars , no speed humps or road blemishes.
    rossi doesnt have to contend with all the dangers that come with riding on the road .
    nice big run off areas, if he makes a mistake.

    ghost rider is skillfull and a idiot , but still skillfull and he can handle a bike .
    rossi is a racer and wouldnt last 10 minutes doing what ghostrider does, even though he is a freak at what he does.

    you cant compare the two .
  18. Yes you can we just have.
  19. Ghostrider for me...

    Rossi will be beaten someday.

    Anyone up to do loonier things than Ghostrider ?
  20. and Ghostrider will die one day......