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Ghostrider Melbourne [12/10]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by JXD, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Was anybody in the city today at around 12? I was walking down swanston st and what looked like a fulled decked out custom bike roaring down the G class vehicle street.

    He pulled right onto the footpath and I lost him in the crowd so I went over to check out his bike assuming he parked but he was nowhere in sight.

    A few minutes later he comes roaring down again.. i see him fly right past and right past the coppers.. The bike wasn't registered and looked like a sweeet as street fighter.. he was all black as with the bike with armor and shit.

    There was some filming happening as usual but does anybody know what was going on? Was it actually filming or was it some hoon running up and down swanston?
  2. Could it be the real Ghostrider?!

    Perhaps he's heard about the oppressive and tyrannical laws that rule our roads without mercy; and riding his dark steed, has come free us all...

    ...by leading every copper within 20km of the CBD off on a chase! :p
  3. I say have Grand Final major sporting events EVERY weekend, one example being the recent rematch of the AFL Grand Final. It was fairly obvious where most of the 'boys & gals in blue' would have been that day !
    Went riding on both those Final days (Saturdays) and not one police vehicle spotted ; in fact the streets were just about car-less !
    This would bring out the 'Ghostrider' in us all, methinks ;)
  4. bike is in hosier lane now... Definitely for a tv show or film.. They do do a lot of filming for the tv show rush in hosier lane..

    sorry for the crappy photo, taken with phone from a distance

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  5. Thats the one. Well the only cameras I could see there was a guy in a dog suit and another guy in an old school gaol (black white) striped.