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Ghostrider filming in Melbourne CBD TONIGHT (14th April)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nous, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Because Loz is unable to access Netrider from work, I've been asked to inform you that:

    Ghostrider is filming tonight right in the heart of Melbourne CBD!

    Venue: Cnr Flinders Ln and Market St
    Date: 14th April 2005
    Time: about 6 to 7-ish pm

    From the sounds of it, it's another smash-crash-bang-boom scene. Adrenalin rushes galore. Rubberneckers galore. So get there early. He'll see you there.

    Cheng aka The Bandito Biatch

  2. are you kidding?

    will there be a few hundred cops waiting for him too?
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  4. oooooohhh riight.

    the comic book one.
  5. Noticed that the Winnebago's had reappeared in Franklin St between Queen & Williams Streets again during the week.
  6. and the 'other' ghostrider died a couple years ago didn't he?
  7. I'll be there, I'll report on it tomorrow :D
  8. i hope my hero isnt dead :cry: :(
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  10. at the end of GR's last dvd, he says "see you in 2005" (the DVD was dated 2004).

    Also on his website, he asks for ideas on what to do in the next dvd... so he might be alive. either that or he died, and they found another 5ft10in swedish bloke that is loony enough (and skilled enough) to ride like that.
  11. does anyone know where i can get my hands on the "other" ghostriders dvds? (preferably my cyber hands. and for free... :p ) i have the video of that black prince dude on the paris ringroad. pretty nuts. i hear he died in a second attempt. can anyone clarify that? and thats pretty awesome. if only i lived 1000kms closer to melbourne id go and watch...
  12. SWAT = Special Weapons Assault Team aparently :?
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  14. As much as I'm a cruiser fan and I think the bike looks great.... they should have made it more like the ones from the comics..... Altho there were some comics that had him riding an 'Old school chopper'.... it was in my opinion one of the meanest looking sports bikes I'd ever seen....... I could only find a couple of pics to show you what I mean but oh well I s'pose I'll just have to get used to movies destroying the best parts of comics...





    Oh Well :( :? :cry:
  15. Oh dear God no...it's a cruiser :shock:

    They should have used a custom turbo Busa, that would have been more like it :LOL:
  16. The piccy's of GhostRider that BoogieMan posted are those from Marvel's second series of comics printed in the late eighties early nineties. I think there were about 80 issues in all. The initial Marvel Comics ghost rider was printed in the early to mid seventies and yes he did ride chopper type bike. I think there were 86 issues in all.
  17. I've seen the bike too, don't know about it looking like the one in the picture though. Think the flame tank from Dennis Hoppers bike in Easyrider on a bike that has the rake of Peter Fondas bike. They're all panhead harleys (chain drive). Don't know how many were built, I saw 3 on set one night (one was being repetitively flung to the ground)

    Stuart T