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Ghost Rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. So we were down at Lizzy street doing some gear snooping yesterday (managed to replace my motodry pants for 1/2 the price I paid for the first pair), and the Bandido Biatch tells me there's been an accident in the street up by Mars Leathers (little lonsdale?).

    I poke my head around the corner and there's been a bloody accident all right - big hole in the road, something's exploded and there's three cars up on their sides, smoking and poking out of brick walls.

    "Holy fcuk" is all I can say until I realise that Cheng's smirking at me and it's not as accidental as I think. They're putting together a location set for the new Ghost Rider film, with Nic Cage and all that. Ten points to them for shooting a bike film in the right god damn neighbourhood eh?

  2. Yeah Franklin Street up near the Vic Market has been Winnebago heaven for over two weeks and they took over the Treasury Gardens for most of last week.

    Most of the Stunt work is being done in the infield of the Thunderdome out at Calder Park and has been there for a few months (Haven't seen it myself but they tell me the sling shot effect looks spectacular).

    EDIT: for speeling.
  3. Are you guys talking about the same ghost rider im thinking of...the one guy show in all black leathers, who tears up the streets of europe and outruns the cops?
  4. I was in the process of replying just as you snuck your post before mine.
  5. Photo centre spread in today's Herald Sun about Ghost Rider concentrating mainly on the local extras involved.

    They've certainly taken over Melbourne for the past few months.

    Also the H-S is only 50 cents today so a good day to buy it.
  6. There have been mock-up SWAT vans parked outside my boat shed for the last few days but I haven't been around for any filming.

    I hope that they are for the film :shock:
  7. Bit different to how they blocked off the main street in Williamstown a couple of weeks ago, and made the shops look all ye olde style for the filming of Charlotte's Web eh...

    What is it about Williamstown that makes it so film worthy?
  8. They were filming for Ghost Rider in the Melbourne cemetary the other month and currently on the footbridge between southbank and flinders station at night.
  9. They were at southbank yesterday and were filming all night last night.
    The footbridge to elizabeth street was closed off and had some yank police cars and motorcycle.
    Our regular spot for coffee nights was taken up by heaps of movie trucks and equipment.
    I found the movie hands very helpful and happy to answer all our questions.
    Overall I'd say it has made it an interesting day and time for melbourne. :)
  10. Man I can't wait to see this movie..

    Used to collect the comic a loooong time ago & it's on of my favs.
  11. Cool - Might have to venture into the city.....
  12. Ghost Rider is still in town, well Victoria anyway.

    They are currently filming around the Geelong, Bacchus Marsh, Werribee triangle.

    According to a mate involved in the movie some of the stunts are going to look great on the big screen.
  13. woohoo! can't wait to see that film!
  14. Darn, I thought you were referring to the crazy guy in the black leathers on the GSXR ;) Whilst hopefully a little more challenging than the Volvo's, I'm sure the Commodores and Falcon's wouldn't have scared him a bit still ;) Skippy may have surprised him however....

    (Disclaimer) Of course, riding at 300km's per hour on one wheel is not to be condoned though kiddies .... ;)

    I'm either too young or just haven't been keeping up with my super heroes to know who this guy is. Should be interesting though.
  15. Apparently they closed off the Bacchus Marsh - Geelong road for three days and laid 17 truck loads of dirt on top of the bitumen to create a dirt cross road. They then had a stunt rider ride a bike along the road and try to avoid an explosion fly through the air on a really big high side.

    According to my mate some of the stunts are huge.

    There's supposed to be a huge circus tent set up somewhere near the You Yangs that a lot of the filming is being done in as well with 100's of extra's in 1980's clothes as audience members.
  16. I'm Reserving my opinion and intrest untill I see if Nicholas Cage Screws this film up too!!! :p