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Ghost rider

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by boy.racer, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Going up the coast to Nelson's bay to summon the ghost of a downed rider on lemon tree passage road. Doubt there will be a ghost, but I guarantee that I will get drunk on the beach nonetheless.

    Anybody from the Central Coast got a recommendation for good stops/eating/boozing around the Nelson's Bay area?

    I plan to take the pacific hwy to get there. On the way back I'm going to take in a little bit of buckets way up to Booral and return to the old pac for the trip back home.

    Give or take two days, depending on how hungover I am on Sunday.

    Pics are comin', yo.
  2. Nelson Bay in general is a fantastic, great spot! Went on a long weekend away and stayed at the hotel at Shoal Bay (just around the corner) and I tell ya, waking up in the honeymoon suite with a lovely lady next to me, to have breakfast on the balcony which overlooked the water, and then stroll down to drink beers on the beach....pure bliss!
    We saw a penguin swimming along the shoreline on that beach too...
    Damn! Now I want to go with you! :(
  3. You'll of course be doing that route twice at 90 rather than once at 180 to call the ghost up - won't you. :)
  4. Since when did u become a lezo?
  5. Are you going with Boris?
  6. Who said anything about picking a side!? :cheeky:

    I've attached some pics that I took whilst there...

    Attached Files:

  7. Nah, can't take weekdays off and they're going wednesday i think, so I'm doing the trip solo on the weekend.

    It will be awesome, I'm making it the first annual kitten holocaust on the coast.

    Devotchka, cool pics. Was that last pic taken on seven mile beach by any chance?

  8. thats shoal bay, looking the other way from the jetty
  9. Nelson Bay is about 2 hours north of the Central Coast, so I can't help you too much. Terrigal is a nice stop off if you are coming back via the Coast.
  10. If I was you I'd head up to Buladelah, take the old pacific from there through Wootton and check out the motorcycle museum at scabiac (Nabiac).

    Protip: central coast stops below Newcastle.
  11. what about to half way point at 270?

    Moar photos of the women you woke up next to are needed!
  12. Nope, we didn't wander there.

    Hahaha...here's a pic of both of us. :cheeky:

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  13. I approve

    Looks like I'll be heading to Nelson Bay lol
  14. That was ****ing brilliant.

    Nelsons bay is the shit. No cops, twisty deserted roads in good nic, skanky townies at the local pub that have low standards. A hoon's paradise it surely is.
  15. +1 for the Buladelah ranges run, Fricken Awesome! It's like a lost highway. Beware the leaf litter though..