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Ghost Rider on TV tonight @ 9:30pm

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. If you're a fan of the Nicolas Cage starred movie, or just a fan of him, then it's on tonight - 9:30pm on Go!

    Nicolas Cage stars as Johnny Blaze, a badass stunt cyclist who makes a Faustian bargain with the sinister Mephisto to save a loved one. Years later, the devilish deal maker offers Johnny the chance to reclaim his soul by vanquishing Blackheart, Mephisto's archenemy and son, who's scheming to depose his father. Starring Nicolas Cage, Peter Fonda, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott, Donal Logue. [SN] Supernatural Themes, [V] Some Violence
  2. They shot a few scenes of this movie when I used to work at telstra dome. They ripped a whole heap of seats out to set up a stage. I'm going to watch Toula :)
  3. The movie is set in America but in different scenes they're driving on our side of the road, thought that was pretty funny when I saw this movie.
  4. movie is shocking. no reason to not watch it though
  5. Does anyone actually think Nic Cage is a good actor? I find him so bland.
  6. He is the same character in each of his movies.......
  7. So is Tom Cruise. I still like both actors, I like the movies they are in.
  8. Wasn't to bad in kick-ass. I don't think he has ever been given the most challenging scripts, thankfully.
  9. He was good in "Raising Arizona". Then again, so were all the other actors. :-s
  10. the real ghost rider has a turbo busa :(
  11. If your real surname is Coppola and your uncle's name is Francis Ford Coppola, then it's a sure fire bet you may have got a leg in to the movie business, but you don't make 60 plus movies and win an Academy Award for being shit.

    Having said that Ghost Rider would be his lamest movie IMO
  12. add:



    'bangkok dangerous'

    to the shite list!
  13. I don't know, I thought "The Wicker Man" was the absolute worst thing Cage has done.
  14. "Knowing" was also filmed in and around Melbourne.
  15. Unfortunately I saw some of this last night.

    Terrible. Torque was better.
  16. Never bothered to waste my time watching it after seeing part of it once before. As cinema it rates alongside Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, as a bike movie I can't think of any that bad!
  17. Horrendous film and who cares if he has an academy award, he's an absolute twat of an actor.
  18. Original Bangkok Dangerous = wwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better
  19. I misread that as a spoonerism, he was a badass **** stylist!
  20. Bikerboyz .. what was that crap

    "burn rubber not your soul"