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Ghost Rider 4 ( undercover )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PNUCKLE, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Hey people..Just finished watching my new copy of GR 4..

    Has anyone else been lucky enough to do the same??? :D :D :D
  2. Should i take it as a no since there's no replies?
  3. 7 hours and no reply?
    Yep, I think you're right mate!
  4. Watched GR3 the other day and have GR4 in the pile to look at once I get some time and can get rid of the parrot on my shoulder and eye patch :wink:
  5. Are you a real pirate pvda?
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Yes I've seen it and quite enjoyed it to. How much do you reckon is staged? The full DVD, I hear, is doing about 85 laps of the internet at the moment.
  7. GR 4 was a bit of a let down, and it's all staged. He's slowed down a lot and while it's good for him personally (because he's not relying on luck to survive), it's not a whole lotta fun to watch.

    I'd speculate he had an off or got injured between the last one and this one, he's not riding as if he were bulletproof any more.
  8. NO.

    None of my puders have a DVD burner in them but.........
  9. V twin f&%@$n Dean...................his 'busa isn't V twin as far as I know :wink:
  10. Well I might just get me a copy, is it out on DVD?
  11. Only seen the first one pretty cool dude
  12. Just watched the trailer, looks like the goods!

    What's the go with him impersonating a copper?

    Anyway my local bike shop hasn't got it in yet, but I'm hangin out for it.

  13. Peter Stevens in Ringwood have it in Dan :wink: No 4 isnt the best in the series though GR1 "the Final Ride" is the best followed by GR2 "Goes Wild" they kinda lost their touch after that imho.

    CamKawa: Of course its staged! :D
  14. He needs more comedy - ala pocket bike's
  15. The pocket bikes in the contribution's were pretty funny..Flyin through the shopping centre..

    The female comintator when he was doing his famous run made me laugh

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Does anyone like the music they play in the background??

    I'd much rather listen to the bike instead of the head banging sound track.......
  17. Have any of you typed in the secret code from the movie to watch the free super charged busa movie yet?????? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  18. I've got the first video from the secret site, and it wasnt the turbo hayabusa. Instead they had the zx6r chase, which got boring fast....Maybe if the guy he was chasing was on a zx10r, things may have been different. But when they're getting up past 200ks and the 636 has ran out of pace, its just like ghostriders cruising behind him on his k5.
    The ghostrider site is down at the moment....the web dude on that site is real slack and I can't see the turbobusa video being posted any time soon. The actual video of the turbo hayabusa was asposed to up on the website on christmas eve.
    For anyone thinking of buying this movie just because you thought the trailer was good....DON'T!!!
    The trailer is misleading and the movie is lame.
    GR1 The final ride is the best of the four by a long way.
  19. hey guys please can some one upload the video GR4 or a link where i can watch the complete video