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Ghost plates, are they technically legal? do the work?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Woodsy, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Came across this site, looks interestin, could certainly have saved me some $$$ the last couple of months.


    thoughts, opinions, etc, etc.

    and for the record NO i dont realy think they are legal.

    the Blog is an interesting read as well
  2. Looks like a scam web site.
  3. +1
    Add to that that I'm 99% sure it's illegal...

    AFAIK you can only get number plates from the government for them to be considered legal.
  4. While their laser defeating product is pure bullshit, in all probability those license plate covers are legit, fairly expensive though... would need to see them in real life to work out there effectiveness.
  5. Concealing your plate = big fine but in Vic does nto seem to attract demerit points.
  6. Isn't it the case that ANY attempt to defeat the (legal) operation of speed cameras attracts a criminal charge?
    Last time it was publicised I think it was something like $5,000 and/or three months in slam, permanent crim record, etc. , etc.
    Much cheaper to just throw a bit of mud up on the plate like the truckies do. At least that's only 3 points and few hundred bucks.
  7. I know some one with this. They work and all you und up with is a 3 point demerit and $315 fine
  8. if you can get booked and demerited for having your car number plate obscured, even partially, by a tow-bar or bike rack, or even just illegible from mud or wear ........
  9. As has been said... very illegal and not worth the fine or the points... but also consider that they are bleedingly obvious from any angle other than directly behind so you're asking to be pulled over.