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Ghost plate super protector. Does it work?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CamKawa, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. I've just forked out 68 bucks for a Ghost plate Super Protector and I'm a bit skeptical it'll do the job. Anyone else here bought one and put it to the acid test, particularly for over head speed cameras?

  2. Kinda hard to respond to a post like this with anything other than...

  3. Pfft...sif spend $68 when your foot does a perfectly good job :p

    Seriously though...these things are full of crap 99/100. The few that actually work are the ones that can be spotted from a mile of with the naked eye.

    What's needed is an active system. When your bike is being painted by laser or radar a pair of thin LCDs over the number plate goes dark or something.
  4. Technology is already available in the form of a film which switches from opaque to clear when current is applied - starting to be used on car sunroofs and can also be used to convert windows into projector screens for home cinema.
  5. ... or James Bond's revolving multi-nation number plates.......
  6. Yes, the Maybach Limousine has a roof that operates on that principle. Saw it last week on 5th Gear, I think it was.
  7. Maybe I should have fitted a tow bar? :D

    I don't think that anything is going to get me from side on, but it's obvious something is visibly wrong with plate looking up close.
  8. yeah i used to have one :D

    below link is a 2.7mb quicktime file of mine in operation


    cheers ratty
  9. That looks great! Where did you get it from?
  10. motofx.com.au in Sydney, but i dont thik they have them anymore and i heard that the film used to make them is hard to get now.

    you could always try the "fastags" ive got one sitting at home not fitted, the website seems to be down at the moment

    an 800k file can be d/loaded from link below

  11. Just dreaming but it would be good to get a auto plate cover like what you've got working in conjunction with one of the sat nav road angle type devices...
  12. as do some of the toilet cubicle doors in some of sydney's more 'chique' restaurants... :LOL:
  13. Too bad if there is a power failure at inopportune moment. :shock:
  14. How do THEY know that someone hasn't seen you on your bike and recorded your bike model and number plate...and then make a fake numberplate (like fake IDs) , bought your model bike and put that fake number plate on or sold the fake number plate to someone with your model bike and then ridden that bike with your rego on it through a speed camera. I mean, it is possible to copy a number plate - don't tell me it's not - we have been to the moon and back (and we make number plates - metal work ..easy)- so how can they prove that that person in the speed camera photo is you and it is your bike. Unless they photogragh the frame identification number, what proof have they really got?
    These kind of people are out there. Just look at the identity fraud problem they are having with people stealing your identity through your mail.

    Innocent until proven guilty. Same goes with cars. Any car model can be bought in the colour of your car and it is not IMPOSSIBLE to fabricate a standard number plate.
  15. For one your license plate number has to match the rego number on your rego sicker, so you would have to forge both the plate and the sticker. People to get caught with false No plates all the time. I can't remember the exact number but the cops tend to check number plates at booze buses and the amount of people getting caught is surprisingly high. If you stole someone’s license plate and rego and they then reported it stolen and you pulled over and the cops to a license/rego check you are done. Then again I suppose a fake license would come in handy, but where does it stop?
  16. i believe he is just referring to getting caught going through a speed camera. You could dispute the fine, take it to court and then try to get them to prove that someone hadn't made a number the same as yours, with the same bike and ridden through.
  17. so if i get a speed fine, and say swap my stock pinstriped fairings with my mates jet black ones, then take my bike to them with photo and say WTF? will that create enough doubt that it might be a forged plate?
  18. Not necessarily - it depends on the exposure time needed for the photograph. The photo requires a significant amount of time (at a guess around 1/500 second - even for a digital one) A slave infrared flash might work as well. The newer cameras use an infrared flash. A slave infrared flash triggered by the camera flash would overexpose the photo.

  20. Mounting it wouldn't be that difficult. Depending on the bike a bracket could be made up or it could be designed to integrate with the tail-light (We're talking theoretical here of course :LOL: )

    The issue, as you said, would be to get an infra-red flash powerful enough to flood the area.

    Because of the exposure time needed, the darkening film might work - depends how fast it darkens though. I suspect not fast enough. It would also be interesting to see how impervious it is to the infra-red wavelengths although again, I suspect that given its use for sunroofs etc. it would be OK.