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Ghost on Wheels

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by JJFAST, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Did you hear about the Ghost Rider ?

    I was going North of Newcastle on the Pacific Hwy in my car about 10 years ago late at night, and I saw a light behind me approaching rapidly. I thought, "must be a motorbike", then as I checked the mirror again, the light was right behind me (impossibly fast and impossibly close) as if the motorbike had suddenly caught up in the blink of an eye and he was revving the guts out of the bike like the sound was inside my car and the light looked to lift up and shine straight in the car. I was thinking "what the fcuk is going on ?" then the light and sound disappeared altogether, then a few seconds later I thought I saw a red light turning right off the hwy in the distance.

    It sounded like an 80s air cooled superbike engine.

    I forgot about it until I heard about a movie coming out about the same thing.
  2. Did the rider look like this guy?
    Or did he look more like Patrik f├╝rstenhoff?
  3. Why would a ghost waste time riding bikes up n down highways behind people etc?? Surely there are womens locker rooms to hide out in???
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  4. I saw a guy ride a goat once...
  5. Are you sure it wasn't some nutcase going 200+ got to you proceeded to pop a wheelie behind you and then turned off the main road thinking it gave you the fright of your life and laughing in his helmet if he was even wearing one?
  6. If it was the 80s bike it sounded like to you, then the lights can be switched off.

    Sneaking up on people in the dark used to be fun.