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GGGRRRRRRRRRRR Lost my farkin wallet on the citylink!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goddie, May 21, 2008.

  1. Was on the way home last night, just got on the westgate freeway when droplets started to drop, I though to myself 'hmm better be quick' as I approached the Monatgue st connect it started to come down so I ducked under the over pass of Graham st. jumped off the the bike as it was pissin down, pulled the plastic pants out and started to put em on, the rain subsided by the time I was ready to go. so didnt think twice about the jacket, jumped on and off I went. Up the tulla, off at bulla rd, by the time I stopped at woodlands rd, the penny dropped, I checked back at my bag and it was opened. I lost my shirt, tie, wallet and mobile too.
    Hmmm not farkin happy at all. So I went home, out of the wets into dry clothing, went back, spotted the shirt in the middle of the road between the footscray rd exit and nth melb, looked around saw nuthin else. Spewing, I slowly rode back keep an eye out but found jack all, just as I was turning past the Linc hotel I spotted my mobile on the ground so I stopped and picked it up, secreen is farked but the fone works. So went home, missus gave me the usual support 'serves you farkin right, you forgetful disckhead'. Thanks I thought, so shitful way to end the day, but hey, at least I am in Australia and not in china going through earthquake shit!! I am blessed!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the wallet, goddie. But you're right - count your blessings that you got home safely, and that you only lost material stuff. :)
  3. Damn!!! that SUCKS mate.
    I always carry my wallet and mobile on me, mainly cause I dont like leaving it in my tailbag if I gotta stop for smokes etc..
    I also have a rain cover that covers the bag in the wet, I figure it's double protection in the event I dont zip up the bag properly.
    Hope some-one hands it in.... don't like your chances tho
  4. Its so easy to forget that kinda thing - dont beat yourself up about it - it will only happen once (consider it a lesson learned)..
  5. Word brother.

    I lost my wallet TWICE in three months off the bike last year.

    I'm never doing that again.

    Hold tight. Put a report into the police and there's a fair chance it will get handed in, minus the money of course.
  6. I lost my wallet coming back from the Great Ocean Road last year, went flying out of my unzipped jacket pocket.

    Luckily I just had enough petrol to make it home. Reported loss to the Police station in Richmond. Couple of hours later get a call from them saying its been handed in at Ocean Grove Police station by some dude visiting from Brunswick, money, licence and credit cards still there.

    Only downside was before I retrieved my wallet I had a first date lined up with a girl from RSVP for coffee, had to ring her and tell her I lost my wallet, didn't even have coins to buy myself a coffee. Must have sounded real lame because she didn't even want to reschedule another date :LOL:
  7. Ohhh rrrright :roll: not the lost my wallet story again :roll:


    You're one lucky dude Lewy... getting your wallet and cash back I mean. :LOL:
  8. Never was a big fan of those rear racks. Just dosn't look right riding an R6!

    I used to carry all my stuff on my untill I got boots and needed to carry my shoes so I pinched my dads tank bag! its freaking amazingly handy! and belive it or not roomy as well its got a clear waterproof top for phones, GPS, Maps and all the usual.

    And youve got it RIGHT under your nose so you can see if sh!t starts flying out!
  9. Am I the only person who puts their wallets/belongings inside the rear seat? The only things I carry on my person are my license and lipgloss.
  10. :LOL: @ lipgloss
    Man - your such a girly girl!
  11. Actually, I'm not. I should have said lip balm, sorry, not gloss. I carry it on me because it's light and my lips chap easily from the cold.

    If I was a "girly girl" I'd be wearing pink and fluff all the time :p But I only ever dress in black or grey pant suits to work. AAAAND I ride a bike :cool:
  12. When I had my CBR250RR I used to chuck all my stuff in there. The most I ever fit in there was 2 Kebabs, 2 hot dogs and 2 cans of pepsi!

    But now that iv got the R6 the boot literally has enough room for my wallet and thats it!
  13. Ahem... so strapping a pink pig to the back of your bike doesn't make you girly? :grin:
  14. You fat f%$k. :p

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Hey i found your wallet on the westgate freeway!!!! I moved to the UK shortly after though, but i work for an airline so i can come back and give it to you, if you give me some good faith money, more like a bond i will give back to you with your waller, u know, so i know your not wasting my time. i'll book a flight and have it back to you ASAP!! western union money transfer ok? :grin:
  16. AHA, The Vermont Scam :rofl:

    Both my jackets have a small pocket just outside the main zip for a wallet, and I always keep mine there (or in the hip pocket of the Draggins, as I do with normal trousers). Sorry to hear about your's though; it's such a pain fixing up the cards, etc, isn't it?
  17. that sucks man

    i get paranoid (about everything) and always double check my bag is zipped up 100%.

    but yeh, most important thing is you got home safely!