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Geza Gear Cover for Honda CBR600RR Sport Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by toast, May 28, 2011.

  1. This cover won't scratch your paint, and it is designed to be on the bike when you tow it to the track or wherever you are going.

    People have towed it through snow storms and in the dust. It is a UV blocker, it breathes out moisture, and is water resistant.

    It's a stretch cover from Geza Gear.


    I now have underground parking at work, so I haven't been using it at all. But, I have used it in the past when I was parking outside in the hot summer sun and it was compact to carry, and very fast to put on the bike.

    The material is very soft and stretchable. It gets warm in the summer sun, but doesn't get hot. It covers all the bits that get hot and age from sunlight exposure. Brilliant design.

    The construction and stitching is excellent. It is tailor made to fit my bike's model and year.

    I intend on getting an Easy Trailer so I can start taking it to the track (yeah, the bike is going as well). The cover has additional loops with which to tie it down on the trailer.

    Dealing with Geza Gear was excellent. These guys are enthusiasts and a large number of their customers are, too.

    The only negative is that the stuff-sack for the cover was not made from a stretchable material and it was very hard to stuff the cover back in. So, I stopped using the stuff-sack and would just throw the cover into my top box or bag.

    Here is the breakdown of the cost (USD):

    Elite-PLUS Series $249.95
    Stuff Bag $10.00
    International Shipping $45.00

    Total $304.95

    That was 15th January, 2010.

    Is it expensive for a bit of cloth just sitting in a drawer? Hell yeah. But it will earn every cent when I start trailering the bike to the track. Can't wait.