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Gettting The Lights To Notice You

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iliketoride, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    So last night I went for a late night ride at about 12am. It was quiet and a nice chance to have the roads all to myself, but this came with its own drawback.

    I had the pleasure of being stuck at a few lights for a number of cycles until I gave up, chucked an illegal u-turn, and seeked another way. These intersections had sensors, so maybe I wasn't heavy or magnetic enough to trigger them.

    What do you do when you are stuck at lights at night? I'm an L-Plater so I can't risk a red light camera.


    D :busting:
  2. There are a couple of things that you can do to help trigger the sensors.

    Make sure you stop in the middle of the sensor, then give your bike a rev.. (No need to redline it though!)
    Revving the engine will increase its magnetic field and help set off the inductive-loop sensor.
    Sometimes killing your engine and restarting it will also work, (as long as you are RIGHT over the sensor) but keep a lookout that the lights have not started to change already.
    You can also see if there is any oncoming traffic, and use your eyes to look for a redlight camera and if all is clear..... just go....

    You can also put a magnetic strip in your boot, or on the bottom of your bike to increase the magnetic field but I have never needed to do this as pulling up right on the sensor, with the revs up usulally works for me.
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  3. Longer-term solution: call the council and tell them to fix their lights. This is important if it is an intersection you use regularly.
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  4. If in Victoria, call Vicroads.
    They do action these requests.
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  5. thought about getting off the bike and pressing the button ? what the others said is true, report to local road authority
  6. I've had to press the pedestrian button before - as has already been mentioned your placement over the sensor is also really important, on some you really need to be centred on it on others it can even be more the left or right, if you are having trouble you can also slowly move back and forward over it.
  7. try to park yourself on or over the lines in the road as these indicate where the sensors are. If you cannot see any lines, then try place at least your rear wheel over where you think the front axle of a car would be if a car was in your position, you dont HAVE to be right up on the line

    Or you could bring a mate in a car :p I also find that moving back and forth helps abit too (or maybe im just bored)
  8. You sure it's just not the repeated 'thrusting' movement you enjoy?8-[
  9. I read (on here I think) that you can flash your high beams as well.
    Don't know if it works or not, never really had to try it.
  10. There is usually two squares on the road in the wheel tracks of cars, make sure you ride over one of the squares,

    If you ride in the centre, The lights wont work, Or wave a car up closer behind you, and point at the sensors, They do get the message,
  11. A technique that I've seen recommended but have no direct experience of is to tape a strong magnet to the side stand foot. If it isn't registering make sure the stand is over the sensor and push it down. You may need to put the bike in neutral for this if you have an engine cut out.

    (Make sure you bring it back up again though)
  12. If the metal of the coil is exposed on any part of the road, you can drop your sidestand down on it. Suddenly your bike frame is part of the coil, which makes a massive difference to the signal read in the lights computer. Woosh, you're away again.
  13. This is my favourite response because it's the smarty one. :)
  14. Thanks for the responses guys!
  15. There's been a few suggestions already i see, get off your bike.. and press the pedestrian button, make sure you actually position yourself on the sensor... wait for a car to arrive...

    or check that you're clear.. and there's no red light camera and just go... but try all the other things first before you do this one.

    I've only ever been stuck at lights once.. and i just ran the red light.. it was 1am and i was on my way home from my old work.. and there was no camera or people so i just went.
  16. If you have an old PC laying around you can pull the magnets out of the hard drive.
    Very strong. And superglue them under the frame. Changes lights well.
  17. no traffic, no cop, gun it
  18. i did that once while waiting to turn right at night. it was an elderly guy in a corolla (i think). i was dressed all black, turned around and waved my hand to come forward, which he must've understood as "come here, let's have a punch on". frustrated, i got off the bike to go tell him and immediately he changed lanes and drove off straight. ehehe, truth be told, i felt like a tough biker (!), NOT.
  19. I've found putting my side-stand down and lean the bike over onto it helps at times (assuming that you're over the sensor). Just make sure to put your bike in neutral first if you don't want the side-stand sensor to kill your engine.