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Getting your P's in WA

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by davea, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Another newbie here. I just got my learners today, although I have driven for over 10 years. :D :D

    i have also bought a zz-r250 and gear last week, so I am keen to get learning. :D :D

    Just a few questions. What do have to do in WA to get your license. As VIC and NSW seem to have different rules to here. Does anyone recommend a school for lessons over here? And also a place to do skills improvements riding courses?

    An for a really dumb next question, I read the other day about clutch use for all shifts. Is this normal practice to do this for both up and down shifts, as I in my limited exp have only ever used it to start and stop and clutchless shifted when on the go.

    Anyway I cant wait for some better weather (it is raining for once in Perth) so I can get out there and learn to ride.

    Cheers everyone and this is an excellent website.
  2. ZZR250

    Thinking about buying a new bike. What yours like. Would you recommend.
  3. I think Alert and DTEC are the only one's in Perth? See the links directory at https://netrider.net.au/linksdir/view.php?cid=14 for their details.
  4. Hey Davea.

    I am pretty sure it is the same as ac car license now that the laws have changed. at 16 and 6 months you can do the practical test and then you will be given a log book where you have to build up 25 hours of riding time. once you have turned 17 you go into the licensing centre and complete the hazards perceptions test. Of coarse if you are already over 17 these age limits wont apply to you. I am 90% sure these are the rule for getting youre licence and i know for sure that exactly after one full year of holding a 250cc licence, you can go for an open class.

    I am not sure where in WA you are but when i got my scooter license I used John's Motorcycle Training. You can call Terry on 9572 5566 or 0427 725 566. Terry supplys the learner bike and will travel almost anywhere in the Perth area. I highly reccomend him.
  5. some others are:

    9250 8387

    Mark Martin
    R.I.D.E. - Rider Instruction Driver Education
    0411 536 733

    Dale HILL
    Phone 93432565
    Mobile: 0412825992

    Motorcycle Tuition
    0410 689 679

    David PALMER
    Alert Motorcycle School
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  7. Shifting sans clutch

    PS on the clutch issue - not sure of a technical response to this but my attitude is the clutch is there for a purpose so use it.

    Whilst shifting without the clutch by using gentle foot pressure and revs is possible even on a BM (!!!!!!) I am not sure in the long run it could be as good for the bike as a smooth fast clutch change - particularly downshifting.

    I suspect the bigger the bike the more important the clutch?

    I would be interested in other replies. 8)
  8. cheers guys for letting me know all that. I have now got my license. I did my training with Alert and I pased first time. So thanks to Dave for teaching me well. I am looking forward to riding with a few guys from perth now.
  9. i just got license too :D

    thought the test wasnt too hard, but Vic (from Johns Motorbike traing) taught me up well.

    where abouts did you do your test?
    i did mine at Morley, nice guys but a hardish 'course' (damn hill U turns)

    and i'd be up for a ride, although this heat is biatch.