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Getting your L's (for a scooter)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nicko18, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. So my brother bought a scooter from ebay, but what pre-learners should he do?

    If he does the automatic course then it sorta restricts what bike he can get in the future, but if he does the manual L's then i'm guessing he has to do the MOST on a manual, which he doesn't own.

    Am i right in assuming once you graduate from your P's you can just get a manual bike anyway without re-doing the L's all over again?
  2. In Melbourne I don't think they force you to do the course on a manual if you intend getting one, I think it's more your own discretion but I don't know about other states. I'm pretty sure my wife had no limits on her license when she did hers on a scooter.
  3. Nick what state do you live in?

    Before I write an answer regarding NSW
  4. I think no matter where you live, the answer is "get the licence that gives you most skills and most flexibility" - in other words, get a manual. Even if it means a bit of a hassle at first, it will probably pay off somewhere down the track.
    Remember: getting your various Ls, P's and what-not is only going to get tougher in the future, so there is nothing to be gained from putting it off.
  5. Not bad advice but also depends on your circumstance - I got my licence on a scooter and being over 30 with a gold licence went straight to an unrestricted one when off my L's. Not sure if this is still in place but you should check out what suits you.

    PS I did get some further training when stepping up to a manual bike but I would have done this anyway. I had ridden an auto scooter for a year and would say that getting this training when you intend to step up is better rather than learning on a manual, riding an auto for a year or more and then step up and try to remember what was taught to you ages ago.
  6. In NSW, my understanding of the handbook says he can choose to do the MOST on an auto if he wants, even if he did pre-L's on a manual. Then he can only ride an auto during P1. From P2 onwards the handbook doesnt list any restrictions on auto, so it seems the restriction would be lifted then.

    But if he does his pre-Ls on auto then he can only ride auto during L's which would mean he wouldnt legally be allowed to do the MOST on a manual. So he may as well have a go at a manual bike for his pre-Ls, and then should he decide to man up during his Ls he could :D
  7. I did L's on a manual despite getting a scooter, than did the P test on the scooter. I had a restriction for auto only for one year. Glad I did the L's on a manual though, may as well get the most knowledge out of the course as you can.

    The real risk in doing it this way is you might fail the manual learners course. However, if you can't get through the learners course on a manual I don't think you have the skill level to ride a scooter anyway.

    edit: although if his never had experiance in a manual car and hasn't riden a bicycle much it might be easier to do the auto learners.
  8. At most places where you can do the P's test, you can rent manual bikes, generally a CB250 or a scorpio to do the tests on.

    Problem solved, always do the manual test, why pay the same price for less of a license
  9. yeah in NSW sorry.

    Sounds like he may as well do the L's on a manual, and then do the P's on a scooter.

    agree re: manning up btw :D