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NSW Getting your "blacks"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kimberley, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Why do people say that their full licence is their "blacks"? It appears to me that there is nothing black about them. I've tried looking on the internet as to why and someone said that many many years ago the RTA issued provisional licences in red print and full licences were issued in black print. Can anyone confirm?

    And, I would also just like to say that it's annoying and I would prefer the term "yellows", or "full/unrestricted licence" :D
  2. The explanation is correct.

    Provisional licenses were printed red on paper and a full licence had black ink.
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    More recently in the plastic era, there also used to be a unrestricted license with a silver stripe (which we called our 'blacks' but it was more a dark greenish-gray), and you only became entitled to the 'gold' license after five clean years on your blacks and paying for a 5-year renewal.

    Now everyone gets gold once they're off their restrictions, regardless of experience or length of renewal.

    Yeah 'getting your blacks' doesn't make a lot of sense anymore but I guess the name just stuck. I've heard "fulls" or "unrestricted" as well, I think "yellows" isn't so common so it might take a second to register what you're talking about.

    After a while you just call it your license and stop referring to the class altogether.
  4. Like many things, it's simply a ridiculous name some apply to something that is nothing of the sort..

    I also get woefully frustrated when someone lists a bike for sale, particularly a CBR250RR (MC22) stating it is an "unrestricted" example. They were never restricted in the first place. Noob speak for "I don't know what the fukk I'm talking about".
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  5. I know I'm new at this, but I researched a lot before buying a bike and I swear there's 3 different mc22 models and the most recent one had less power - restrictions in place to lower emissions. I'm going to look this up...
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  6. That's racist
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  7. All mc22's could be called restricted since they had a 185kmh electronic speed limiter. Also Japanese laws changed so the '94 were restricted to 40Ps instead of the earlier 45.