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Getting warm afer a ride....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Well it been 4.5 hours and the feeling is just retuning to my fingers and body.
    for the first time since i got my licence my best mate and i both had a chance to go for a ride together.
    the plan;
    meet in fairfield at 10 and head out to kinglake
    kinglake to healsville
    healsville to wurbiton and home
    For those in melb they would know that it was a prety ordanary day, but we wouldn't be put off, just have to slow it down abit.
    all was going well we'd reached healsville no prob, a little cold but buzzing.
    the next leg was to ride the don rd to wurbiton.
    we decide to go via the top of mt donabuang. we're happly chugging along (both on old 250s) when we run out of sealed road.. making a quick decision we decide to press on.
    "hell whats a bit of mud" after sliping a sliding around inthe mud for about half an hour the mist like rain (we were in the clouds) suddenly changes consistacy. it F#@$#@$ SNOWING....
    this made the ride!! nether of us where dressed for riding winter let allone snow...
    apart from taking a long thawing time both of us survived and had blast exploring the twisties from kinglake though to belgrave..
    Another memberable adventure
    all i can say whats next?

    did any one else expirence this on sat?
  2. Well done...wish I was there too!
  3. WOW

    Sounds like Melbourne is THE place to be at this time of year?

    You know...I told my firend I would like to move to Melbourne in a couple of years when my kids are all setteld in their own lives and he said" are you mad it's too F@#$king cold!!!!

    Maybe he was right after all?!?!?!?

    Hope you had a nice log fire to come home to and a smooth bottle of red?

    better luck next time.



    it was bloody cold in Sydney today too, and I still think Melbourne is the place to be!
  4. as a good friend once told me
    "if you don't like melb's weather wait 10 minutes"

    i was wishing i had a motor bike when i lived in sydney... any lumps in the top end of the M7 west link... blame me ;)
    the right weather and some great roads not to mention that your speed cameras have three warnings... but i was still abit to imature would have ended up dead... one day i return with a bike.. 12 months once off my resrtictions
  5. when i come homefrom work (any where from 10pm-6am) im pretty much frozen solid. jumpers under the jacket or not. i just crawl into bed and shiver myself to sleep. :LOL:

  6. Thanks for that encouraging mental picture Brenno, really makes me want to go there now! :shock:

    I come form the Blue mountains originally so I am used to the cold, doesn tmean I like it though! But I didnt ride when I lived there, not my own bike anyway, I only pillioned and then only in good weather.

    I like to think of myself as less "soft core" these days but I am not yet insane (still learning) ....so if I do end up in Melbourne I may have to resort to the heated hand grips!

    I wonder if they make heated seat pads, or helmet linings? how about heated leathers? (now thats SOFT!!!)

    Just kidding I love being cold!! (not)

  7. Depends on where in Vic you ride & time of year, but don't count on seasonal weather playing the game! Sounds like a great ride & a great learning experience! Maybe next time try a different direction! Btw statiscally Sydney has more rain per annum than Melb! Servo's with blower hand dryers are Gods gift to riders!
  8. sounds like you had an awesome day

    wish i could have tagged along. bloody work !!!

    how good is that feeling when you finally put your legs up after a ride like that , get a beer and sit in front of the tv going ' i was cursing myself when i was doing it , but that was one of the best days ive had '


    YAY for chocolate.

    gotta love it !!
  9. just get a beemer. i hear the new model comes with a roof and doors :LOL:

    i wish i could drive sometimes. hopefully get my license soon. one day lol.
  10. It was freezing in Sydney yesterday too, could have done with the beamer then :) But I did have a choice at 6:30am to drive in my cage to work, with it's heater, roof and windows........I took the bike :)

    Cant say Im not sorry the sun is shining today though....

  11. ouch, i dont do cold :LOL:
  12. Some BMW tourers have a heated seat as an option; I haven't heard of any others but it is certainly technologically possible, just not very common. There are no heated helmet linings, sorry :) Nor leathers, but you can get heated undergarments such as the vest I wrote about in this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=27094 I love it!

    Really, cold is not so bad; it is possible to dress warmly enough to be comfortable in the worst our weather can dish out. Wet is another matter though, that is what I really hate!
  13. I've fitted Oxford aftermarket heated handgrips to my new Bandit.

    Heated handgrips combined with good quality winter riding gear will make riding comfortable down to about 0 degrees and possible down to about -5 degrees.

    You really don't need heated vests and seats until you get down below -5 :)
  14. That's true, all that heated stuff is more of a luxury than a necessity, but it is still nice to have if you can afford it. It is quite possible to put on a couple of layers of clothes instead of heated vest but the heated vest has the advantage of being less bulky than a couple of sweaters, making you more comfortable and more able to generally move around.

    BTW, heated grips are not required either; a pair of handlebar muffs is both cheaper and more effective since they warm up your whole hand not just the palm, they just look a bit daggy.
  15. Well I was only joking about the heated seat pads and leathers... but it seems like others have already put their inventive minds to the task.......Like most riders, I do the layering thing and then a quick strip off when I stop and find the layers too constrictive....Maybe in my retirement years when (I can afford it) I will go with the other luxuries.......

  16. Yah handlebar muffs are actually more effective than heated handgrips... I just find thema bit too daggy to put up with :)