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Getting warm afer a ride....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Well it been 4.5 hours and the feeling is just retuning to my fingers and body.
    for the first time since i got my licence my best mate and i both had a chance to go for a ride together.
    the plan;
    meet in fairfield at 10 and head out to kinglake
    kinglake to healsville
    healsville to wurbiton and home
    For those in melb they would know that it was a prety ordanary day, but we wouldn't be put off, just have to slow it down abit.
    all was going well we'd reached healsville no prob, a little cold but buzzing.
    the next leg was to ride the don rd to wurbiton.
    we decide to go via the top of mt donabuang. we're happly chugging along (both on old 250s) when we run out of sealed road.. making a quick decision we decide to press on.
    "hell whats a bit of mud" after sliping a sliding around inthe mud for about half an hour the mist like rain (we were in the clouds) suddenly changes consistacy. it F#@$#@$ SNOWING....
    this made the ride!! nether of us where dressed for riding winter let allone snow...
    apart from taking a long thawing time both of us survived and had blast exploring the twisties from kinglake though to belgrave..
    Another memberable adventure
    all i can say whats next?

    did any one else expirence this on sat?