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N/A | National Getting UK/EU license and moving to full AU license?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by meshes, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. hi there.

    i'm 32, recently got my P1 license in NSW, in the waiting boat so to speak.

    i have UK/EU citizenship and may be heading over there sooner or later for a holiday..

    im sure many people have had their OS licenses converted here, i believe this is pretty standard, especially with UK/EU licenses... but i was just wondering, if anyones done a quick 1-2 shifty and gone to get licensed overseas and come back to with it to convert it here, and whats involved? and how difficult is it?

    ive only had a quick look at UK licensing requirements, seems standard enough eg. goto the UK, do the L's, then do their ClassA test so your unrestricted, come back & jump to fulls here?

    is it even possible? are there problems, like you have to have the license for a certain period before RTA/RMS recognizes it? what country would be easiest in terms of time & hassle & cost? what are the tricks etc.

    if its doable, im sure a few people have done so.
  2. It used to be possible, however in NSW the RMS will drop you back into the appropriate point on their graduated licensing scheme.

    That being said, getting a UK license is a worthwhile thing....it doesn't expire until you turn 70 and I work on the basis that having a foreign license up your sleeve is always a good idea.
  3. I know the Swedish ones converts straight over to Australian ones, at least in NSW. That means that I can get a full license in Sweden in a month and then using it as it is in NSW or converting it to a full NSW license.
  4. I have an EU licence (German) which I converted into a VIC licence. No testing required, not even theory. They didn't even want to see the English translation of my licence... All I had to do was pay money, read out huge letters, and have a pic taken.
    So technically I don't even know the road rules here as I never read them :p

    I've had my car licence for a while though and am not on any restrictions.
  5. hey, sorry I'm not quite following, how do you mean drop back to the appropriate point? based on time you've had the license?
  6. tobbera: are you planning to do this on an upcoming sweden visit? do you speak swedish? moto registries are notorious time voids anywhere, i wonder how it'll be when you don't speak the language..

    i'll be all around europe, so i really don't mind going wherever it is absolutely easiest.

    nina: did you have your German riders license for a long time?

    my only thought on this, unless someone else has actually done it and has contrary info is that you may get pulled up if say, you've had your OS riders license for a week and come back to convert. but i mean, i guess it shouldn't be any different..
  7. Yes - so if you've had the UK license for less than a year then they will give you a P1 bike license, less than 3 years then you get a P2 license.
  8. damn, same for all overseas licenses then i assume?

    can you go say you live in the ACT or victoria and get a license there and drive on that, or then convert in nsw?.. i need a loophole!
  9. I was only talking about car licence. And as I said, I've had mine for a while. Being German, it's also got no expiry date - so no probs with that.

    Sorry, can't really help you...
  10. When I converted my uk licence, the only category they would honour is my car licence.
    Every other category I have had to resit in Oz.

    You can use your oz licence in uk for a few months, not sure how many, but I think it's up to a year. And you can use uk licence here in oz for 3 months before your supposed to change it.
    Your not supposed to hold two driving licences from two countries as most countries recognise other countries licences.
  11. on another note:

    if you have your full car license and you are over 25, you can skip your green Ps (P2) and go straight onto your blacks (i did this on my 25th :))

    the only problem is the year on your reds.

    i would imagine that because you have a license here, you cant upgrade it from an international one... just my thoughts tho