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QLD Getting Towed After Breakdown On The M1

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Public Service Announcement

    If your vehicle breaks down on the M1, immediately call 13 19 40 for a 'free tow to safety'.

    My bike died on the ride up yesterday, but I had a state-wide work event all day yesterday until after shops closed.

    Went back to pick up the bike this morning and it was gone.

    Rang around and it had been towed... and that'll be $385 to release it (plus $5.50 for paying by credit card).

    So now you know.

    (apparently they did try to ring me, but my phone was flat... lots of things all together went wrong, but it all means I'm almost 400 bucks in the hole before I even start on getting it fixed)

    I'm not sure on the legal status of Main Roads contracting a towing company to tow my bike without my consent, and charge me for the privilege, but I'm sure they've covered themselves.

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  2. Well I guess better they steal it and keep it safe and charge you less than your insurance excess, but I know what you mean....
  3. Although, of course, if the bad guys had stolen it I'd be well on the road to a new bike. The good guys are just pricey.
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  4. I broke down on the Ipswich Motorway several years ago which also has the free tow along certain stretches. However the free bit is only off the Motorway out of harms way. Racq sent 2 trucks, 1 to get out of the way and another 1 an hour later to tow me home. I'm guessing they didn't know if it was stolen or broken and couldn't just tow it somewhere else or you wouldn't know who did it and where it went.
  5. Vehicles cannot be left unattended on state-owned motorways and freeways. The vehicle must be removed to ensure the flow of traffic and safety of other motorists. If the person in charge, or owner, are not immediately contactable, the vehicle will be removed. The government is then entitled to recoup their expenses. If these are not paid within 2 months, the vehicle is sold at auction to recoup expenses and the owner will receive the balance.

    s5 Removing abandoned vehicles from motorways
    (1) This section applies if—
    (a) the chief executive believes, on reasonable grounds, a vehicle on a motorway has been abandoned; and
    (b) the chief executive—
    (i) can not immediately find the person in charge of the vehicle; or
    (ii) if the person can be found—believes, on reasonable grounds, the person is unwilling or unable to move the vehicle immediately.

    (2) The chief executive may take the steps that are reasonable and necessary to have the vehicle removed from the motorway.

    s6 Removing stationary vehicles from freeway
    (1) This section applies if—
    (a) a vehicle on the freeway is immobilised by a breakdown or fuel shortage; and
    (b) the chief executive believes, on reasonable grounds, it is necessary to remove the vehicle having regard to the safety or convenience of people using the freeway.

    (2) The chief executive may arrange for a service or towing vehicle to be called to the vehicle.

    (3) Unless the person in charge of the vehicle refuses, the service or towing vehicle operator may take the steps that are reasonable and necessary to mobilise the vehicle or have it removed from the freeway.

    s7 Removal expenses
    (1) In this section—
    “removal expenses” means the reasonable expenses of—
    (a) calling a service or towing vehicle to a vehicle on the freeway; or
    (b) mobilising a vehicle on the freeway; or
    (c) removing a vehicle from a motorway or the freeway.

    (2) The chief executive may recover the removal expenses from—
    (a) the person who was in charge of the vehicle immediately before it was removed from the motorway or freeway; or
    (b) if the person’s identity can not be discovered—the vehicle’s owner unless the vehicle was being used on the freeway without the owner’s consent.

    Link: Transport Infrastructure Regulations 1994

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  6. Thanks, yeah, I assumed that would be the case.
  7. When you hear stories about people being killed on motorways while standing on the hard shoulder, it's fair enough that they remove obstacles.
  8. Yep, I was nervous as hell the whole time I was there.

    To be fair to them, apparently they did try to ring me but my phone was flat.

    In hindsight, I should have blown off work and got onto getting it sorted immediately.
  9. And who doesn't like to blow off work every now and again :D Especially mondays and fridays.
  10. I'm with BerekBerek I love getting blown at work :whistle:
  11. What do you do?
    HR for the local knock shop?
  12. Christmas parties can be fun