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Getting to Turn One Motors Kensington (by car)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. I am going to pay a visit to charlie @ Turn one motors kensington on Saturday. According to whereis.com.au, to get there from my place (using avoid tolls as an option) it tells me to go down elizabeth, take a left at flemington road, turn left at princess hwy (citylink) and then turn left into stubbs street. I checked a map of that area online but it appears there is a toll around that area. Just want to make sure if we follow those directions we won't go past a toll and have to pay for that tiny distance?

    Any help is appreciated :)

  2. where are you coming from? there shouldn't be any toll with the dirctions u just provided.

    cheers chris
  3. Just go through the City, find Elizabeth street and keep going. Turn left at Flemington road, the one near shittystink and voila
  4. I live about 200 yards away from that Citylink on-ramp and you won't get a toll - just don't take any sudden climbing turns.

    From Flemington road you turn into Racecourse road, then go under the Citylink and Stubbs is the next set of lights.
  5. Elizabeth St, up Flemington Road at the roundabout (but get into the left-hand service road somewhere along there), turn left into Racecourse Road (about 400m before the Tulla Freeway starts), under the Citylink flyover (DON'T take the Left hand slip road onto the freeway), next left is Stubbs st. Turn One is about 200m on the right. (Triumph Australia is the unmarked large building a couple of doors to the right!)
    Another option is to follow Alexandra Parade through Carlton (becomes Princes st), winding past the Cemetery, over Royal Parade and past the Zoo, straight over Flemington Road (becoming Racecourse Road), and as above.
    I'll be down there earlyish Saturday. Might catch ya.
  6. well things have changed now. heh. I was heading in from my place in richmond but now going to head in from ringwood after I test ride the 675 on Saturday.

    Titus, I prolly wont get there till 11-12ish, just wanna say hi and buy some oil for the oil change Im gonna do before first official service at 800kms on the bike. If I see you I'll say hi! :) That option with alexandra pde sounds good since now I'lll be heading in from ringwood