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N/A | National Getting to the Isle of Man TT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. hey all,

    Next year the other half and I are going to be heading to the UK for a trip.
    We figured since we're there, we really need to go to the Isle of Man at least for a day.

    Has anyone from here been before?
    Can we catch a ferry over & back in a day or are we better off staying on the island for a night?

    where is the best place to get there from? Ireland or England?

    Tips/suggestions/etc all welcome.
  2. @Slow Coach will sort you out.

    I have a half mind to be there myself next year, so I'm interested in any response too.


  3. If there's no racing on, fly in and fly out, it's just a windswept lump of green rock in between England and Ireland. Unless you are on bikes and wanting to ride around it.
  4. well we want to go when the racing is on lol.

    We're basing our entire 4 week trip to the UK around making sure we get to the TT to watch racing for at least 1 day.
  5. My pommy boss told me all the cats on the island have no tails because they were sick of riders zooming around hurling cats at walls

    Hopefully I'll be there in 2015
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  6. plan on a couple of days quite often postponed due to weather catch the ferry from 3ports baluagh was a great place to stay at the camp ground
  7. Now you're talking. I haven't been so I'll bow out but sounds like Uncle Greg may be in the know.
  8. yeah went this year for 5 nights part practice part race it was awesome the island is absolutely beautiful, i would love to go back
  9. can you catch a ferry to the Isle of Man from Ireland??
    I'm having real trouble finding any ferries that to there from either Dublin or Belfast.

    Ideally we'd go ferry over from Belfast (or dublin), watch race, then ferry over to Glasgow to continue our trip
  10. give richard huxham a call on 4401624897442 the owner of the ballamoar farm where the ballaugh campsite is they really helped us out,there son steve who manages the ground was a great guy and would do anything to help you or info@ballamoar.com i could not rate the way they treated us it was so good
  11. yes you can but i dont know what line or port
  12. thanks for the info. we won't have tents or anything cause we're going to be on a driving trip around the UK and Ireland, but will see what he can do for us :)
  13. they have a couple of a frame huts but they might be already booked.its really hard to get short term accommodation that time of year unless you camp, you could all ways buy cheep camping gear on the mainland
  14. I really appreciate all the info Uncle Greg, very helpful!
  15. no probs i hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did
  16. Just found out that it's a LOT cheaper to fly to the Isle of Man from Dublin instead of Liverpool.

    like...a LOT cheaper.
  17. Yes cheaper to fly.

    You can get a ferry and the company is called the steampacket- Sail from Scotland, England, Ireland.
    You can combine sailings and rail tickets depending on your transport method in the UK.

    You can fly from Scotland, Ireland and the UK. You fly into Ronaldsway airport in the south of the island near Castletown. Can get buses, taxis or even the steam train to Douglas. The Capital and where the grandstand is situated.

    http://www.iomtt.com/ This site will also give you the programmes of practice, racing, and other entertainment calander to help you plan the best time and what parts of the island you wish to visit.

    There are a few methods of accomodation- Camping- many areas turn themselves over to campsites just for TT. I could even speak to a few mates and you could pitch a tent in their back gardens etc.

    Hotels, B&Bs and also Homestays- ie you rent someones house or room in the house etc.

    I have a wide range of contacts on the island as I worked there for 7years so happy to assist if I can.
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  18. Yes-

    a few companies fly to the Isle of Man- I think Flybe was the cheapest the last time I looked.
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