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Getting to Inverloch from the Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by brmmbrmm, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Ok so I am a GP virgin and when we booked (arpil/May) the closest I could find a place for 3 people that wasn't going to cost the earth was Inverloch. "Yeah, there are shuttle busses from here to the track" they said. Yeah one f**king bus a day in each direction and the one on the way back leaves at 5pm. What am I supposed to do if I want to have a few beers and go to Cowes after the race?!

    So i though we could get the official PI shuttle bus as far as san remo and then get a Vic link bus to inverloch. Oh no we bloody well can't, the last Vic link bus departs at 12:30pm! Ridiculous.

    Anyone know how to get to Inverloch after hours without riding/driving/walking/paying for probably non existent taxis?

  2. ummmm. no
    sorry but it is the country and the services are very light on.
    distance is also a bit of an issue.
    couldhopefor good weather and sleep on the beach :grin:
    someone will wake you in time for the race
  3. Not much help now, but if you are looking for reasonably priced accomodation then either the Trackside campground (now booked out), Highside campground (still available) or one of the many caravan parks around the island rent camp sites at reasonable rates.

    And the shuttle buses run from earlyish to lateish around the island.

    Might be worth remembering for next time.

    Failing that I think you're left with the 'designated driver/rider' option for this trip.
  4. Carry a helmet, and stick your thumb out. easy
  5. thanks for all the thoughts guys.

    my issue is i'm doing a photo documentary for one of the magazines and I have thousands of $$$$ worth of gear so camping isn't an option.

    thought about the DD option but the gp wouldnt be the gp without beer.

    also thought boout the helmet option and wondering if there is 'left luggage' facilities at circuit - probably not?!
  6. What about grabbing a taxi from San Remo back to Inverloch? The Victorian Taxi Directorate has the rates for taxis, but you could ring San Remo Taxis (if there are any) to get an idea if one can be booked to go to Inverloch.

    Of course, this means an added expense, but if you're working you may be able to claim it back, perhaps.
  7. welcome to living outside the CBD mate, makes me laugh everytime i here city folk talking BS about 'walk to work day' or leave the car at home day'
    We have to put up with this everyday.

    But i'm with Rog, carry a lid and stick out the thumb :grin:
  8. loads of taxis on the island but the rates might be high to go that far.
  9. Hi, are you sure you have a current bus time table? They have really upped the services lately. Try the tourism office in woni, cause I think they are also doing extra bus stuff for the GP. The local taxi service is really good... especially if you let them know beforehand what you may need. Also thumbs work quite well down that way too. As a matter of interest, how are you travelling to Inverloch? .... If you have a vechicle you can always park at San Remo, car park behind the shops is ok, then bus to circuit and back.
  10. The PI Visitors Centre might have more info.

    The local bus company in Inverloch might also be running a shuttle bus service??
  11. Hire a car with a driver, rock up in a limo! :cool: :cool:
  12. spoke to viclink (busses) last friday and the last bus is 12:30pm (thats after lunch!). i know us city folk have everything at our fingertips but surely for an international sporting event there would be more than farmer jones and flossy wanting to catch a bus at that time of day.

    Anyway I might try the lid and thumb but with 15kg of camera gear already to carry its gonna be tough!

    ill try the tourism centre and failing that the limo is looking good - anyone wanna join us?!

    Cheers for all your thoughts though - I'm lovin netrider.. what a community!
  13. am leaving Melb and heading down that way now and will check out the local bus service time table (not VLine) and let you know!
  14. Good luck with it. I used to live at Cape Paterson (near Invy & Wthgi) and they bought in a 'Summer bus service' but that's about it. Not sure if they're doing anything for the GP and a quick look at the Bass Coast Shire website shows zilch.

    The only other option for down here/there is the VLine bus service.

    Might pay to ring council to check if they have anything special happening.
  15. Typical small minded country thinking, I'm afraid. I live in central Gippsland. And all the time we hear the tourism operators and other small business (small because that's how they think and operate) whinging about how they're doing it tough, etc.

    Now, as we all know, Yarragon Village is a top spot to drop into on a ride. It's the perfect example to follow, yet those businesses who refuse to trade on a Sunday, or extended hours even, have no-one to blame but themselves.

    If it's known that you can get a meal, or a cuppa or whatever, then people will visit. It's not the "we'll do it if there's a demand". The demand comes when you do it.

    This thing about the buslines shows an opportunity to write to the local government and state governments, particularly the major events committee.

    If ZXr1200 (G-S) is reading this, it'd be interesting to hear your viewpoint, given your role within this industry.
  16. Hi, the local bus service, Gippsland Bus Services, is phone 03 567 21462.
    Give them a call, saw them on the road down that way over this weekend. Good luck.
  17. cheers mate :)