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Getting to Glenrowan (from Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bec, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Ok my canberra Riders counterparts are having our swim ride in Corryong SP??

    I'm meeting some peoples who are coming across from Perth and Adelaide in Glen Rowan ??.

    So being a newb to Melb what is a good way to get to Glen Rowan. I will be leaving Friday morning, want to arrive early afternoon and need to be in Corryong by say 5 pmish....

    So tell me the best ways to get there.... baring in mind that I had an off recently so my confidance is somewhat in the gutter...
  2. There are quite a number of ways to get to Glenrowan. Where are you based? Try google maps. You can add your own destination and drag and drop a point to see how the route goes.

    To give you an idea, here's one way that I would go but this route is only to get an idea and it's up to you to work out the best way you're comfortable with. Google maps
  3. Confidence shot? Then just go for a cruise straight up the Hume Hwy. Take firefling's route on the way back if you are feeling good as they are great roads.
  4. Thanks for the map...

    I was having a bit of a fiddle with it.. but is there anyway to tell what is a dirt road etc?? kermie is not an off road boi.. A little dirt won't kill him but I dont want to over do it.

    And also how can I pin point places for fuel....

    Sorry im a complete noob....

    Here is the google map that I have be mucking around with

  5. i think you will find that tatong tolmie road is all dirt :)
  6. HERE is a much better route for you and you'll go close to doing it on one tank. Maybe refuel in Mansfield if you're worried.

    You will want to ride the Whitfield Rd more than once. The posers can keep the Black Spur :LOL:

    EDIT: I love riding my childhood roads :cool:
  7. Oh well, I did say that you'd have play around with directions. Nice route 2wheels. That was what I did have in mind but didn't really zoom in :) Love the ride to Whitfield too.
  8. Re: Getting to Glenrowan

    - B300 (Maroondah Hwy)
    - B300 (Melba Hwy)
    - B300 (Melba Hwy)
    - B300 (Maroondah Hwy)
    - B300 (Midland Hwy)
    - M34 (Hume Hwy)


    - this route is best suited for your style of bike
    - you will enjoy more sweeping turns (sweepers)
    - it is less physically tiring and less mentally demanding
    - also, you will want to save your energy for the rest of the ride on to Corryong

    (the other routes are for sport/dirt bikes :p)
  9. Re: Getting to Glenrowan

    OP will have trouble staying awake :wink:
  10. I did an hour and a half on the hume before christmas. Please murder me by beating me with a cactus if I ever voice that I am going to do it again!

    Mansfield-Whitfield road is a great road, especially since the plants have come back from the bushfires.

    My recommendation[/url]
  11. the most simple and easiest way is straight up the Hume as has been said...

    i was on the B300 to Yea on sunday and it was a horses ass with braindead city slicker drivers.. also thers is works going on with the North/South pipe line going down there as well... flipping water thieves.. :evil:

    after Yea on cravers map is totally fine and a very nice ride :D
  12. Thanks guys.

    It was a great run. I ended up going through the black spur and Alexandrea...

    Great times...

  13. If you pick the Hume Freeway just remember that the fixed greed camera's from Melbourne to Broadford measure the time you take to get from one to the next and not just the speed you pass them at.