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Getting tired of this conversation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ultram, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Recently I suffered a broken leg as a result of an accident involving a car. I am now back at work and getting around on crutches. But geez, I am getting tired of this conversation with friends and colleagues.

    Them "So what happened to you"
    Me "I broke my leg"
    Them "How did you do that"
    Me "I had an accident on my motorbike"
    Them "What happened"
    Me "A car cut me off"
    Them "Geez you were lucky"
    Me "WHAT !!! I broke my leg.. how is that lucky"
    Them "No, lucky you weren't killed"
    Me "hmm well, I guess so"
    Them " So I guess thats the end of your riding"
    Me "Huh ?"
    Me " I cant wait to get back on the bike"
    Them "Well I had a friend, uncle, [insert random acquaintance] who had a motorbike accident. Blah blah blah blah they spent x weeks in hospital blah blah blah.. dangerous things blah blah blah"
    Me "Well I could have done this or worse playing sport, or just falling down the stairs"
    Them " Guess So"

    In hindsight, I think I should just tell people I fell down the stairs drunk... might be a quicker conversation.

  2. Tell them you were screwing their wife and fell down the stairs
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  3. Ultram, I have lost count of the number of times I have had that convo with work colleagues, ex-friends and ex-partners. My reply is always some thing along the lines of 'my choice to ride, my skin at risk. I owe you no explanation but I extended one anyway out of courtesy, now please crawl back under your beige rock and tut tut at Today Tonight.'

    You may have noticed a trend with the above list they are all people who I refuse to associate with unless absolutely essential.
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  4. A year a go I had a minor accident with my bike which resulted in a sprained ankle. I was on crutches for only 2 days at work, after only a week I was able to ride again.
    One colleague kept on telling me how dangerous motorcycling is and asking me whether I'm going to quit now. He'd already made plenty of the typical 'temporary citizen' jokes when I started riding.

    This same colleague had an accident with his bicycle just a few months later. He got run over (literally) by a truck. He was very, very, very lucky. He spent quite some time in hospital after that. By now he is fine and the only consequences left now are a few scars and loss of eyesight on his left eye.
    Since his rehab has been going good lately, he's thinking of buying a new bicycle.
    He hasn't commented on me riding a motorbike since.

    I hope that won't happen to the people asking you the same questions. It might be an anecdote to tell though if people who really matter to you suggest you quit riding.
  5. Them "So what happened to you"
    Me "I broke my leg"
    Them "How did you do that"
    Me "I asked too many questions about someone's broken leg"

    Problem solved.
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  6. Thanks for the anecdote Nina, the good thing is the people who really matter to me are supportive and not one has suggested I stop riding.
  7. Or you could just point out that constant hectoring by Hun reading mouth breathers may result in them suffering a serious injury.
    Nina your lycra loony workmate isn't lucky he deserved everything he got for using that hateful term.
  8. Oh, then who cares about the others? You can make up a new story for every person. See how wild the story can be without them questioning it. That's how I do it when people ask about a scar I've got :)
    As I wrote, he was joking. Whereas it seems as if you aren't? I couldn't disagree with you more. Wishing someone such bad things is never funny.
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  9. Mate, lying on the road with a bunch of broken ribs listening to the fecking tool that knocked you down calling you that, another time as I got of the phone after hearing of the death of a mate, tends to put a pretty negative spin on that phrase. I give people one warning when they they use it in my hearing even in jest.
  10. No reason to wish someone else bad. You cannot expect others to know what you have experienced and match their wordings accordingly. Just because you are sensible to that phrase, you can't be mad at others for using it. Especially somebody you have never met and who hasn't even used that phrase towards you.
  11. Get creative and have some fun at stupid peoples expense.
    Bitten by a shark
    Crashed my plane
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  12. Nina mate, there is a difference between mad and a bit prickly, I suppose I should have clarified with a joke about Karma being a biatch. Anyway subject closed doesn't need to be discussed in this thread if you feel you need to respond further PM me.
  13. I have been through the same thing with a broken hand, i got sick of the whole ordeal so when asked i'd say a freak accident while mastibating, and do a sort of a shoulder shrug and "it happens face", and then just carry on like i'd said nothing at all.

    I think it is funny a foot baller can get picked up and dumped on their head, be placed in a hard collar due to suspected spinal injuries, and then diagnosed with a broken collar bone (very common biking injury) and people think nothing of it, in fact they enrol their kids into the under 16's but would probably have a shit fit if their son said he wanted to get his R license
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  14. Maybe start wearing an eye patch as well, make their tiny minds boggle.
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  15. I was at work the other day and was discussing a completely-non-motorbike-related issue with someone from HR when she spots my helmet...

    Her: "Oh you ride a motorbike? You're just a temporary citizen then! Hahahaha."
    Me (very restrained because it's old): "No, not really. Um, good joke, though."

    2 seconds later, a bicycle rider turns up with huge grazes and scrapes from a stack, looking for medical assistance.

    Her: "Oh, you ride a bike? You must be really fit!"

    What. The. fcuk???
  16. Ultram returning to work.

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  17. What happened to your eye ?
    Parrott shat in it.
    and ?
    Forgot I had a hook....
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  18. Tell them that more people die riding the Franskston Train Line than they do riding a motorbike :p
  19. Just talk about aliens and anal probing and they will walk away
  20. Deaths on Golf Courses have reached epidemic proportions.
    This statement is not an invitation for a flood of old people jokes either you plicks.