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Getting There Slowly/with bone stimulation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TAZMAN, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Just thought I would put in a quick post so as you all know where I am at. Still have three pins in my back which will hopefully be out by xmas time I hope as I cant go back to work or even get on a bike until they do. My left wrist has had a bone graft which is not going to well so I reckon it will have to be fused which means no wrist but thats ok as I dont need a wrist to ride as I already tested it and it dont need to be bent :grin: to change gears. The right arm is healing ok and the Doc told me the metal splints I have on each bone in my forearm dont have to come out so at least thats one less op I have to go through. My head is getting better slowly but I will never be the same as I was before the crash but dont worry people as I have mellowed out heaps and dont get upset so easy anymore :LOL: :LOL:

    So all in all things are getting better but I cant wait to get a new bike as I miss riding something terrible just gotta decide what I want but I reckon it will be a gixxer 1000 or an R1 if my back can handle them or if not maybe a blackbird :wink: or an sv 1000n

    Anyway I hope everybody is ok and hopefully will be back on rides just after crissy

  2. glad to hear you are pulling up ok, it definetly sounded a bit touch and go there at times! but fantastic to hear from you :)
  3. Hey Mick. :) I've only known you since the crash so you've always been mellow to me :) :wink: :)

    Good to see you back on here. :)
  4. Great to hear from you Mick! :grin:

    Sounds like there's a bit of a way to go yet, but I'm hugely relieved to hear you're improving. :) Keep up the positive attitude and take care buddy. The time will pass quickest that way and you'll be on a bike before you know it. :) Good luck and keep us updated. We all care and like to know how you're doing :)
  5. Hi Mick,

    Great to hear from you!, Jay has been keeping me updated with how you were going..good to hear your still keen for a Blackbird...i always knew you were a man of taste :cool:

    Anyway take it easy mate and I'll have to pop over with Jay next time he comes to visit! :)
  6. Hi Mick,
    its good to hear the you are doing well, i know how it feels to be bikeless, bummer!! i long for a really good ride but all you have to do is give it time mate! there is alot of support on this forum which helps alot!!

    Hope you heal fast and get back on two wheels soon :wink:
  7. Good to hear your getting better and will be getting back on the bike :grin: hopefully the rest of the year goes as smoothly as possible for you.
    And remember unless your in for an STD test think positive :grin:
  8. Mick great to hear things are going well for you......am sure you will be back on a bike in no time, until then take it easy.

    oh btw just go the the sv..... left a certain blackbird owner with a grin from ear to ear :LOL:

    cheers stewy
  9. Good to hear Mick! just take it easy and things will fall into place.

    I'd go fo the SV1000. Twins are fun!
  10. SV1000 Mick! :cool:
  11. Hiya Tazman ol boy!

    Good to hear (read) you're still around.

    I'll be down that way in Oct, might give you a yell and share a cascade/boags or three

  12. Yee I reckon the blackbird will probably be my choice I just hope my body dont mind :wink:

    Got home yesterday with the knowledge that I will most likely have no wrist on the left side as the bone graft just aint working but as I said before such is life. I will be inside for another back op soon just so they can see what has been causing all the problems such as the lack of mobility and the constant pain. I just hope it all ends by christmas as I wont to go to Tassie but it probably wont :roll: but I still reckon I will head over

    Anyway thats about all from me at the moment but I wish that all these accidents would stop happening (wishful thinking hey) but I hope thyat everyone recovers ok
  13. Glad to hear you're well on the way.

    All the very best for the remainder of your recovery.
  14. Thanks for the update, Tazman :) Great to hear things are steadily improving.

    Way to go on the fantastic attitude :grin:
  15. Thanks for the update Tazman

    Wishing you all the best with your recovery
  16. Wishing you well on recovery! If you ever feel the need to speak to someone in a similar situation, don't hesitate to click => [​IMG]

  17. Just came across this thread.

    Inspiring. Great to read updates from you! Soldier on mate!

    p.s. go the Blackbird mate. AFAIK it's more back or wrist friendly than the SV.
  18. Pfft, SV, Blackbird, go the Tuono. Way relaxing!
  19. Tis good that you are gettin better man, i read in the thread where we were told you crashed that you might not be able to use a hand, is this the case or is it just the wrist as you said before?

  20. Yee its just the wrist mate but I went too the suzzi shop a couple of weeks ago and I dont need the wrist to work to change the gears :grin: so I am happy either way :grin:

    Cejay thanks for telling me the tuono mate as I reckon one of them could be the go specially with that 4 year warranty :wink: