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Getting the wind off my head on a VFR800 - any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by maduncle, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. I have been peeling up to Seymour and back for a week or so on my '01 VFR 800 and there is one thing I need to do soon - get the wind off my head.

    I am just the wrong size (6 foot 2 eyes of blue) for the current visor and I am copping it in the neck - so to speak.

    So I am shopping around for a better visor - any thoughts, leads, views, reviews, etc would be appreciated. :?:
  2. Hi maduncle,
    have you looked at a double bubble screen for the VFR,
    am researching one for my CBR, apparently direct more air away from the riders face area, therefore less neck stress.
    Have not got one yet, so cant give a review of the outcome.
  3. I fitted a double bubble to my bike & it improved some what...
    Then again I'm only 5.7"
  4. There's a very good VFR forum, I'm sure someone there has researched taller screens for the 800.
    (Not that I want you to go there rather than here, mind you :LOL:)
  5. Thanks people - the VFR forum lead to some sites, but now I just need to find a place to go and BUY one. Bikemart are already looking for me, so hopefully I can get a windflipper on the bike soon.

    Not sure 'bout the double bubbles though - might look the part but will they shift the wind?

  6. Many of the overseas shops will ship here. You'll save some serious $$'s but freight will erode some of the savings
  7. I have a VFR 800 02. The screen is fine on mine but I know you can get a clip on screen riser that is adjustable.
    I have bough lots from OZ but they are never in stock and the screw you around too much.
    Im from UK so I just order from there now as it gets here quicker, post isnt so much and gaurenteed saving .
    I tried with the "buy local thing" but I got dicked around so much I though fcuk em......cut out the middle man and go direct.

    Sorry Australian retailers....but yous are shit
  8. Clip on adjustable sounds like it might work Stookie - where do I go on the web to find one? (PS - I am also from the UK - born in London!).
  9. Picked up a new touring screen this arvo and it has made a difference. :roll: I wondered how I was going to rideover and pick it up and then get it home with no carry gear on the bike and a backpack that was way too small - then it hit me, the most obvious way to go and collect a new screen on a bike - who can guess how it's done :?:

    (There is a coffee at Southbank in it for the right answer). :)
  10. Take tools with you
    and Put it on there
    then ride home :grin:
  11. Just goes to show how reading Netrider forums increases your IQ - either that or you were inthe store when I picked it up. Correct - ride over without one and fit the new one there (I thought I had an original thought!)

    Ladyrider - if you and I are at a coffee night then the cappucino is on me. :wink: