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Getting the right price

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrChicken, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Guys,

    I am about to start negotiating price on a new Suzuki M50. This is the recently released 2007 model so there's not an adundance of them around. Suzuki has also dropped the price on the '07 models by $1,400 so it's already a pretty good deal. I plan to add a rack and sissy bar and that's about all. I'm also not far off needing some new riding gear, and I'll probably go back to the dealer and have some after market pipes fitted early next year. I don't need finance and I'm not trading my current ride.

    I've never bought a brand new bike before and don't where the dealer might have room to move on price. I don't know if there's a deal to be done on the new riding gear, or whether they care less about me coming back for the pipes later on.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. You're more likely to get a better deal on the pipes if you buy them WITH the bike.

    There's tonnes of room to move on new bikes - but everyone sticks to an up high price on the new models because otherwise they screw the market.

    Best deal you'll get new is when a dealer wants to move a demo bike... or he's your mate :)


    The way to get a good deal though, is decide what the deal is you want. Maybe you want $1000 off?
    OK, you walk into a few dealers at the end of the month and say, "Hi, I want one of these. I'm going to pay this much ____, CASH for it, and I'm buying this afternoon if you can do the deal. The deal is confidential, I will not tell anyone else they can buy it here at that price. But I'm giving you an opportunity to move an extra bike fast with very little sales work involved. What do you say?"

    The more of their time you waste, and ask them to arrange finance, etc. the more they need to make off the bike.

    If you know what you want and have the green - make the offer. If it doesn't work, keep trying dealers until it does. If they don't want to do it, add $300 to your offer and try again. Rinse, repeat.
  3. I payed $11,300 for mine ,$10,500 and $800 dealer delivery and on road cost, but have heard people in SA and VIC getting the 06 for around $10,500 as the new 2007 bikes are here.

    Check your messages.
  4. Ring around the different dealers if you can, and say to the them that (insert dealer here) was willing to sell me the bike for (insert low amount here). What can you do for me? A lot of them talk to each other anyway and know what they'll sell them for generally, the cheeky buggers. But in answer to the question - yes, new prices are even negotiable. Just depends on your negotiating skills!
  5. Yeah a brand new 07 bike means they probably won't move much, but as Ktulu saud go in at the end of the month as they will be trying to meet sales targets and if you "can pay cash now" they will know it is a serious deal and not just a time waister.
  6. This is why you have to go in personally. Offer cash, and tell them the deal is a one-off.

    No dealer will give you the real price over the phone - if they are smart they will tell you straight "Come in and we'll work out a great deal for you."

    If you're on the showroom floor, you're in the market for a bike. If you've got the cash and state your terms - they know to give you the 'this guy is actually going to spend some money' price.
  7. i dont completely agree with this mate.. if you spend some time with them and show them that you're interested then they'll smell a sale in you and they'll be more likely to move on price. if you just go in there and make them a stupidly low offer they might not take you as being serious and will just blow you off.. so i reckon it pays to spend 20mins or so asking them questions and showing them that you're interested - don't let them think that you're dead keen and will pay them whatever they want - but show them that you have interest in the bike if you can get it for the right price.

    likewise, they make money off the finance.. i actually used that as a negotiating point in a recent purchase - i said i'd use their finance if they could match market rates, and they got a fair wack of comission out of it that didnt cost me anything and allowed me to get a few extra dollars off the bike.

    you're right to say that you'll get a better deal at the end of the month tho! and deciding on a price you wanna get is also a good tactic.. you don't have to stick to it 100%, but the method you should take is "okay if i can get the bike for under $10000 i'll buy today, otherwise i'll have to go away and come back"

    some other negotiating tactics to try - go in there and say that you've been looking at another model of bike.. one they dont sell and is cheaper.. and that you were pretty keen on that one, but you're thinking about buying the m50 and wanted to get an idea of what sort of price it'd be.. and maybe you'd be interested if you could get it for a good price. that shows them you're keen to buy a bike, and that to make a sale they'll have to give you a good price.

    btw, i reckon getting $2k off the rideaway price is entirely acheiveable..
  8. Not true.

    when i bought my bike last month, i walked into the dealers, asked him if he had any left in the colour i liked. He said yes i said ill give you 16k for it OTR right now. 30 mins later after we had done the paper work the bike was mine.

    That deal worked out to be 2.4k off RRP.
  9. im sure it happens :) but more often than not it's better to play the game