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Getting the rear wheel up - rear wheel stand/other stuff

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Tildette, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I have discovered that there isn't a long enough area of ground at my place to roll the bike around and chase it with chain lube. Plus it is a pain in the ass done that way anyway.
    Wanted some opinions/suggestions for equipment to use. I ride an R15 which seems to struggle with finding parts appropriate for it (eg. no crash knobs for it... yet). I want to be able to lube the chain, but I wouldn't mind something that could allow me to do other maintenance jobs and also give the bike some stability if I weren't riding for an extended period of time. More importantly I'm a goof so would like something that will stay up under me accidentally tipping the bike.

    I'm not against rear wheel stands but I'm both unco and weak. I'd prefer to not have to have someone help me get it on there every time I want to lube the chain. My bike also doesn't have the spool provision doobies (so I guess I would get the pads instead?).

    Saw these: http://www.motorcyclesuperstore.com...-hardline-rollastand-sportsbikes/tourers.html and http://www.kaneg.com.au/products/Motorbike-RolloverMate-Stand.html Anyone used something like this? I imagine they are an easy job for a gumby like myself.
    Also saw http://www.packjack.ca/index.php which looks good, in the same boat as the rollerstand just works in a different way.

    Bike lifts - don't know a lot about them. From what I can tell they're good for doing ~a lot more than just the chain lube. Would any lift work or are there different types for different bikes? Expensive?

    Thoughts, comments, praise, generous monetary donations welcome. :)
  2. Personally I like the pack jack - they are a very simple but effective way to assist doing the chain
  3. You can just lift and rotate the rear wheel - easier if it isn't a spoked wheel and there is something to grab on to. It's a PITA and takes some effort.
  4. Just get a regular rear stand with flats on it to push the swing arm up instead of the bobbins. Your bike weighs 2/10th of **** all anyway so it won't be too hard to lift it. Once correctly positioned the stands are quite stable.

    Pack jack would be more unstable than a regular stand.
  5. Lately I've been leaving the bike on the side stand, then grabbing it near the back and just rocking it upwards so it's resting on the front wheel and side stand only. If you want it to stay there, just wedge a strongish stick under the swingarm on the right hand side.

    Only lifts the wheel an inch or so, but it's all you need to inspect tyre, adjust/lube chain, etc. Handy for roadside punctures, being too lazy to get the race stand out, or just generally looking like you know secret stuff. ;)
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  7. I use Kaneg rearstands. It's really much easier than you think. Just stand your bike upright with the sidestand down and shove something - anything under the sidestand. Anything would do as long as it's thick enough to keep the bike almost upright. Then all you need to do is align the rearstands and push down with your weight.

    Getting the bike off the rearstand is easy too - Just follow the same steps in reverse order.

    Oh, and I keep the bike in gear when getting her on / off the rearstand. I don't think it's really necessary though. Just a precaution :)