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Getting the knee down on a hot day

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by basejumper, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. getting the knee down on a hot day !!
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  2. I think that heat got to your brain...
  3. Needs to touch the water doesn't it? :p

    Also...."farkin jetski rider....scourge of the waterways" Someone had to say it. :)
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  4. Don't put shit on a jetski until you've ridden one flat out. People say that because there pissed off their crappy little 30hp boat is so blooming slow...
  5. Jetski's..........designed for people who can't ride motorcycles ;)
  6. You're making a bit of an assumption for me there dude....... :) I find if I want to go fast on the water I'll do it behind a boat in an area that is designated for it.

    I'm just stirring in any case.

    But people say it cause for every guy on a jetski doing the right thing you get 5 morons flying past guys trying fish, or flying past houseboats or generally doing stupid shit. The same way the tools playing music while wakeboarding give everyone else a bad name.
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  7. Cmon 3 minutes around the creek is a fair lap time isn't it? After all I was only riding a thou ...
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  8. 70mph with 3 adult is scary but great fun. They are a little slower off the mark but I was surprised it still hit top speed with 3 people
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