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Getting the F*****g grips on

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Marlon, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Hey Fellas!

    I've got some new rubber grips for my SR, and I cannae get the bastards on for the love of me. Lube them up and push the bastards on? If so with what?

    There has to be a little trick to this...

  2. Graphite powder be my first choice

    Maybe WD40 and if all else fails liquid soap

    Let us know how you get on
  3. I use a bit of dishwashing liquid. It's like oil, accept it dissolves.
    Also, try emmersing them in hot water first. This will make them
    a bit more malliable.


  4. Hairspray :grin:
  5. I'm with Alex; heat them in hot water first, then WD-40 inside and slide 'em on!
  6. Yep WD-40, and if they get stuck half way on just get a thin screw driver and slide it in so you can spray more lube in there then move the screw driver around the whole inside of the grip so as to spread the lube all over. Should go on easy, I've done a couple of thousand BMX's this way :grin:
  7. Sometimes the tolerances on the bars and the grips add up the wrong way and the grips simply wont fit, no matter how much lube...

    Be aware you can BUST your throttle case if you go nuts with the forces!!

    Use a dowel and sand paper, or a round file, and slowly make the inside diameter of grips larger if you think the grips are too small... be careful though... this is a one direction only journey!!

    Hot water is a good idea -to expand the grips temporarily... BUT, it means a soft rubber grip which can be hard to handle.

    Z900 is right - a lot of site/folk recommend hair spray - true!

    The other alternative is contact adhesive - especially if the grips slide on too easily. It acts as a lube when wet... but it's very difficult to remove the grip once it sets.
  8. Thanks for your help fellas!

    I've got plenty of graphite powder here (Thankyou Australian army!) but i'll probably go either the hairspray or WD-40.

    Is there anything WD-40 cannot do?
  9. Doesn't work on women :p :LOL:
  10. Ooh, where pray tell are you using it?? :eek:
  11. that's what I used for the new grips on the hornet.
    it had the bonus of becoming sticky when it dried, meaning the grips are stuck on nice & firm!
  12. ... and as a bonus, your grips hold their shape and bounce for hours :LOL:.
  13. Used it every time never fails just give it heaps :cool:
  14. Trick i use is to get them just started on the bar then gently blow comressed air in to them so the 'baloon' slightly and they just slip on.
  15. +1

    spray hairsray into grip...slide onto bar end/throttle grip and then use compressed air as above...let it set overnight and your done :)
  16. Exactly what i was going to say.. :grin:
  17. Exactly what i was going to say.. :grin:
  18. i use petrol to lube them, that way once your done with it, it sticks to the bars, .... works well..just keep putting petrol on them until they are on...
  19. a) As others have said the best way is with an air compressor with a little hand held nozzle style gun on the end. Hold the grip against the end of the bar as if you are going to try and push it on and blow the air up the inside of the grip. You can work it on from there very easily.

    b) If you don't have a compressor then hair laquer is the next best option as it let's you slide it on with a lot more effore than the compressor but it then set's and hold the grip in place.

    I have never had any luck with any lubricant such as WD40, it never seems to dry and you just end up having the grips sliding around on the bars for ages until you crack a wobbly and remove them, clean them and use either method a or b above. :)

    It's what the guys in the workshops do. :)

  20. Hot sugar water is what I used to use on my mx bikes. Dissolved suger lubes it on, and sticks it when dried. Easy.