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Getting the elbow down....is it just a confidence thing?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Today we're used to seeing riders hanging off racing (and road) bikes, dragging their knees around the corner. This topic has been the subject of several long threads of late.

    BUT, it's only a comparitively recent development. The great Finnish champion, Jarno Saarinen, was the first rider to consistently hang off the saddle and drag his knee on the track. This was in 1972.


    Pretty soon it became an accepted thing.

    But it was taken to amazing extremes by the early 1990's by a French rider called Jean Philippe Ruggia. He as a 250cc rider who not only dragged his knee on the track but also his elbow. In fact, so regularly did he do this that he actually had modified knee sliders fitted on the elbows of his leathers to protect his elbows.

    I have searched in vain for a picture of Ruggia at work so if any Netriders can point me in he right direction, I'd be grateful

    It's still happening, and Aaron Yates, who rides in the AMA Superbikes, has become quite proficient at dragging the elbow, though the two photos shown are "cheaters" to a degree because the kerb heightens the illusion. However, I have heard that he can, and does do it, on level track as well.


    Finally, here's an extreme example, but I believe that, in this case, it's more a case of trying to save a bike that's too far gone, rather than a serious "elbows down" cornering technique.


    So, is it just a confidence thing???
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  3. This is the wrong forum for discussing getting the elbow down; that should be being discussed in a drinking forum!
  4. The full size versions.

  5. RC, I must commend you on this thread title... gave me a larf without even opening it.
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  7. Is it a confidence thing??

    I dunno but I reckon you could build your confidence by going out on a nice wet day and going at a corner way to fast. I'm sure that as the bike slides away from underneath you that at some stage your elbow should touch the ground. I'm confident anyone here could do that!
  8. In that case, I've dragged my right shoulder on the ground :D ..only done it once tho, by accident.
  9. I was thinking afterwards that I probably should have posted this in the Jokes and Humour section.

    Thanks for those extra pics. They are great

    I'd really love to see a photo of Ruggia with his elbow right down. There were plenty around when he was racing, might have to look through some of my old mages and scan some.
  10. Incredible!

    Love the slider strapped to the arm :) Thats great :!:
  11. he couldn't get anyone to make one for the side of his helmet; they all said the glue would mess with the fibre-glass!!
    (but he WAS French......) lol
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  13. its the balls factor,i will clearly put my hand up that i am to scared to try the elbow cos i dont have weight to pick the bike up
  14. that is a FANTASTIC pic, thanks cowboy (rushes away to re-size it for his desktop!!)
  15. i think the REAL question though, is does it actually do anything for them other than showing off?
  16. ...but at work it's a different thing, eh? :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  17. While searching for some papers for the tax man I came across a SuperBike Magazine A1 poster. One side was the obligatory chick-pic, but the other side was one of their staffers doing THIS on an MV. (This is a quarter of the original pic, I've only got an A4 scanner!!)
    http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Elbow down.jpg
  18. The only time I will be getting my elbow down is when I have an off.
    Also some nice pics posted in this thread....well done
  19. Hornet, that pic is bigger than Africa. Perhaps you could resize it down for us dail-up plebs.