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Getting that woman scorned look ! LOL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. I'd like to share a humourous incident in traffic this morning.
    I found it humourous, dunno if the subject person in this incident thought it was.

    I was at a set of light minding my own business and there is this black Astra next to me with a nice looking chic behind the wheel. You know what its like, you put the bike in neutral and look around and wait knowing that the set of lights take time to sequence. Anyway, as usual I look across at her and notice a very short skirt on ! Like seriously short !! :eek: . . . . I know this thread is worthless without pics, but I tell you - this was short !!!

    I'm sure I only had a peep for less than a second and did the double take and looked again (not in an obvious way, did it on the sly just to confirm what I saw). The second time I looked, she was stairing at me with that pissed-off woman scorned look !! WTF, and at the same time adjusting herself !!

    I winked and she gave me the finger !! :rofl: hahahaha

    Like did I miss something ??? Because i'm sure there wasn't much to it !! It wasn't even an intentional perve !!!!
    I swear some Sydneysiders need to loosen up !!
  2. Sounds like she was probably loose enough as it is...

  3. from the sounds of it, the skirt was short enough that you didnt miss anything...
  4. Mate, 1st rule of perving, once you're busted, you may as well get a proper eye full. Good work with the wink !! :)
  5. there ought to be more threads like this. :p

    by the way someone needs to bring out a motorcycle helmet that's a dead copy of your avatar the predators helmet, that would be sweeet.
  6. :rofl:

    Some women need to learn that short skirst will attract peeping from guys. :grin:

    I can't wait to lose weight and get into some biking leathers...
  7. having a good perv is like sunbaking... get it right and its all good you end up looking great and girls love it... get it wrong you look like an idiot get burned and end up with a red faced...

    in anycase... 10+ for effort!

    edit: i have to learn to speel gud...
  8. yeah, I reckon a Empirial Speeder Bike Rider style helmet would be sick !!
    That would turn a few heads !!
  9. Micky, as long as you live you will never find the answer to the age-old fact that ladies dress up provocatively and then complain when they get a reaction :LOL:

    It DOES add an extra hazard to riding, however.....
  10. or driving as seen in that thread where the guy crashed out of the race... ok she was showing goods but still whiplash is a b!tch especaly with a helmet!..
  11. Thats exactly it! I've never understood it myself.
  12. Mirrored visor might help :LOL:
  13. Having sunnies on is the only thing that saves me when I'm walking around the city somedays.... :wink:
  14. loz hasn't been here yet to give you perving tips?

    at least you know you've got access to inside information from the highest grade pervers on the planet on this website.

    oh, so that's what i haven't been doing wrong to get a reaction :cool: :wink:
  15. Well carri, not to derail the thread, but as you would well know, ladies dress for other ladies, not for men!!!

    And, as Dave Allen once noted, there's only one thing men and women have in common, and that's that they both hate women :LOL:
  16. lol, I suspect she was secretly a little flattered that you would check her out. As a woman I think I can safely speak for all (well most) women when I say that the only reaction you really, really don't want to get when wearing a short skirt is the look which says "OMG my eyes are hurting, you're hideous"

    ......and happy 500th Mickyb
  17. Ahh, does Dave Allen's wisdom know no bounds? Used to love his show, dunno why it's not on tele anymore, maybe too risque?

    I too, have never understood why women put it all on display, then get disgusted when you have a look at their wares.....
    If I was a chick and I had it, I'd be letting everyone cop an eyeful! Yeah baby! :twisted:
    I think it's time someone bought an iridium visor.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. personally, i dress for safety :wink:

    bloody 'ell. he musta been one miserable bastard with some fkn awful friends. not true of the people i mix with... with one notable exception
  19. If you are wearing a helmet the truth is there is no such thing a subtle headcheck. You may have thought you were being subtle but it just doesn't happen

    Yeah well that goes without saying. The thing that i have found when in sydney is that people manage the paradox of being uptight, and unprofesional all at once...

    No this is not a melbourne/Sydney rivalry thing, just my observations... I blame the geography. All the tight hills make tight windy roads, the age of the place makes many of these roads prety crap, so when every one is traveling they are always prety tense (This also means they are a lot more alert on average than the caged dead heads down here) but because of this constant state of alertnes they get uptight, and because of the windy unkept nature of the paths they travel (Roads) they end up with an untidy maner to there business...

    There is my piece of backyard psycology for the day.
  20. You need a helmet cam so you can take one quick look and then go home and replay it a thousand times :grin: