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Getting that knee down - Just confidence?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LineNoise, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Well...had an interesting thing happen late last night.

    Was riding my friends newly purchased Across back to her place (she hasn't got her Ls yet) when some guy turned out of a side street on a Goldwing without stopping and startled me a fair bit. With parked cars meaning space was tight, no time to stop and not enough swerving room thanks to oncoming traffic, figured I'd make a quick exit into a side street on the other side of the road.

    So I hook it in at a rate of knots and bugger me if I didn't get the knee down. 8) Rubbed me bloody Draggins a bit and everything.

    My friend was behind me and she reckoned I looked "like Rossi in a sumo suit" which I guess is all I can hope for. :p :LOL:

    Now I always thought there was some trick to it but I didn't do anything different to normal other then get down a little lower.

    Wasn't brave enough to try it again on someone elses bike but was wondering whether it really is just a matter of having the genital fortitude as I haven't even been close before.
  2. In order to get your knee down, you need:

    1) Correct body position (towards the back of the seat with a buttock off to the side)

    2) Confidence with enough speed to get the required 'angle of dangle'

    3) To NOT try and get it down (seems illogical captain but trust me on this).
  3. ... of course it can't be stressed high enough that getting your knee down is of no use or worth on the road, other than a pose.
    Even on a track, the point of doing so is wasted on mere mortals, again other than as a pose...
  4. hahahhahaaa just cos your bike would be gouging the road with the motor before your knee was even close to the ground :p

    but anyways, if bikes weren't meant to be posed on, god wouldn't have made them hell sexy would he 8)
  5. You ever seen the boxer cup?
  6. Perhaps it is due to my recent age-related birthday that I wrote this responsible sh!%e. Perhaps it is coming down from my birthday high, or maybe it is hormonal.

    Ah, bugger responsibility - buy a minimoto and get both of the buggers down.

    I am tired, need a wee, still dressed in my jimmy-jams and smell of urine. What more can I say?

    (senile old git)
  7. have now :LOL:

    :shock: christ those motors are getting close eh
  8. The visual effect of those titanium studded knee sliders (sparks) is very nice...
  9. Your a brave man to do a knee down riding position without knee sliders on the streets.
    Learn to do knee down on a controlled race track or race school.

    When I was younger I am guilty of doing knee down on the streets and hanging off the bike and letting the sliders kiss the ground. I even screw self tapers screws onto the plastic sliders to get sparks on the road.

    I don't do it now on the road as there are just too many unknown variables that can get you into trouble.

    1) I personally wouldn't put my knee down on the streets. Image smashing your knee at speeds onto the side of a gutter or slightly raised metal gutter grill is no fun at all.

    2) You need the right entry / cornerng speeds to do knee down technique which is too fast for the streets (IMO).

    3) Once you are commited to the knee down position it takes a split second longer to reposition yourself onto the bike. Image someone suddenly opening a car door whilst your in the knee down position or some toddler running across the street.
  10. You put screws into your knee sliders to make them spark? That dear sir, is the coolest thing I have ever heard. Hero =P
  11. Yeah, it wasn't really intentional, just sort of happened.

    I reckon magnesium bolts would look pretty sweet. :wink:
  12. I'm thinking back now, and yep I was a real tosser.
    you know the saying, young and stupid, older and wiser.
  13. I got my knee down last week.

    I was checking the oil at the time.....
  14. knee down with a pillion....... Now thats a buzz....
  15. Only time I ever got my knee down on the road was when I'd fallen off :oops:
  16. Not to sure about that one uzz32. When i was young i was stupid , yes , now im older and still do stupid things . Now why would i want to grow up when im having so much fun :D .
  17. To be old and wise, you have to be young and stupid first.

    That said, I am going to be really really wise one day far far away.
  18. Getting the knee down is totally unncessary on the road excpet that it looks cool. Trouble is, 99 times out of 100 when you do it, there's no-one there to watch!!!

    Having said that, I don't believe that you corner any faster or any better by doing so. On the race track it is different; you have super sticky slicks that enable ridiculous lean angles. Sticking your knee out actually assists in braking and setting up for the corner. Racetracks, by and large, are billiard smooth with no protrusions to stab you in the knee on the apex of the corner. Your knee becomes a "feeler" that helps you judge your lean angle. And it blocks the inside line if some other rider is trying an inside pass on you.

    Apart from that, the great riders, like Hailwood, etc, lapped just as fast using the classic body english as the "hang off" riders did. I venture that it would still be so today if it were not for the fact that everyone wants to look like Freddy Spencer.

    So, in answer to the question, n, it's not a confidence thing, it's just a choice. It doesn't help you go faster and on the road it could be quite dangerous.

    As for sparky knee sliders, I don't know about Victoria, but they are banned in NSW for racing. Too much distraction caused to the rider behind you.

    Did you notice, btw, that several of the riders who fell off during the Grands Prix last night had sparks coming off their leathers as they slid down the road?? I didn't know that they had metal inserts in places on the leathers.
  19. Although they rarely get a work out, Valentino has some cool titanium inserts at various body points.
  20. Well, you name-drop paddock identities like crazy... how about, the next time you're in the pits at a race meeting, hanging out with all your important racing-scene mates, you walk up to whoever happens to be the race series frontrunner at hand and call him a tryhard Freddy Spencer wannabe?

    I mean, since you're already doing so in front of a bunch of remote, faceless strangers on an internet forum, and all...

    A staple racecraft technique of thirty-five years' standing... nah, they're just showing off unnecessarily. They must be; an old schoolteacher from Wollongong says they are...

    This something you know from first-hand experience or is it, like overtaking on double unbroken lines, something you_know_to be so risky that you've never done it in your entire life?

    Yeah, but you don't know a lot of things, so that's to be expected...