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Getting Taken Over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by noobie_rider, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm on my learners and I'm very careful while turning and last night I was taken over by a FELLOW rider. The other bike was so close to me that I almost lost control..... Where's the respect? :evil:
    I expect that from motorists who igonore motorcycles on the road but not from a fellow rider. Is this disrespect and is the bond b/w motorcycle riders gone?

    What do you guys think?

  2. there are idiots and careless dickheads in every sport, hobby, passion. A shame one of them 'found you' like that :(

    Just be glad you kept control :)
  3. That rider was just showing off. :jerk:
  4. Aww man, I thought this thread was about hostile corporate takeovers :(

    You got overtaken ;)

    But yeah, I've encounted some jerk motorcyclists, although frankly the ratio would have to be about 99:1 (the 1 being the jerks). For the most part, I think motorcyclists are an alright bunch!
  5. i had the same thing just a few days ago. i was already going 70 in a 60 zone, i could see a fellow rider behind me going the same speed.

    about 600-700m later i'm about to turn left. i look in my mirror and don't see his headlight, i think he must have turned off the road already. i check my blind spot and ""VROOMMM" he's about 6 inches from me overtaking me on the OUTSIDE. i wobble a bit straighten up then take the corner thinking, 'that must be one of those responsible sportbike riders wearing full body armour to protect themselves from those menacing cage drivers'...

    [IMG:23:25:bf98387888]https://netrider.net.au/forums/images/smiles/jerkit.gif[/img:bf98387888] sums up that kind of behaviour perfectly
  6. Ask Stookie about the drongo who overtook him on the inside of a lefthander, tipped him off and broke his collarbone...

    Like Wazza said, there's idiots in every sport, just a pity the ones in ours give us all a bad name and don't care for anyone but themselves.....
  7. These things happen, its a good learning experience for you.

    What is "safe"
  8. its has happen to me many times when i was on my 250 but i have to say now on the 600 if it happens i usually catch up to them and tell them to
    fcuk off..... :grin: :grin:
    always respect ur fellow riders i say
  9. Some people just need a punch in the face. Don't let it rattle you, someone will repay the favour for him one day. Just be aware that morons don't restrict themselves to cars, check your mirrors reguarly and let people past on the straights if you can. Other than that, keep riding at your own pace and relax. The purpose of riding is to enjoy yourself, not to stress about the :jerk: :jerk: that cut you up. :)
  10. couldnt say it any better mate
    so i took what u wrote and added my little bit in the end
    :grin: :LOL:
  11. I had an experience like that on the weekend. I was following a car around a slight left hand bend (doing about 80-90kph) with my mate behind me and a couple of cars behind him. I'm in the right hand wheel track and all of a sudden some guy on a sportsbike passes everyone on the shoulder of the road, scaring the shit out of me. I'd say he was doing around 150. Then his mate passes me on the double lines doing the same speed, that scared me even more! I could had reached out and touched him, he was that close.
  12. Which racetrack was this on captainmorgan? You should have known to take a tighter line, block any overtaking attempts.
    Seriously though, some people dont know the difference between roads and racetracks. Roads arent the place for it.
  13. On the upside, at least they'll keep their chin, suit and high-heels intact if they do happen to take a spill. Oh, did I mention skin? :p

    For the OP - I think jerk-offs like that are few are far between (fortunately!). Not much you can do about them other than give them an earful or laugh when make an embarassing mistake. :cry:
  14. last person who did that to me got the shock of their life cos i had a swing at them
  15. Ahahahah go Tanya!!
  16. It's no different to driving. There's always some arsewipe out there who's just gotta go around you. It happens to all of as at one time or another - in the car or on the bike. I couldn't care less in the car, but on the bike it can scare the crap out of you. It's shitty when it's another rider, as you'd kinda hope they would get it. Wankers come in all shapes and sizes.
  17. First of all I'm sorry to hear about that idiot... where did you live.. melb ahh good it wasnt me then...

    Its amazing how quickly dumb people ruin a ride ... :soapbox: ... cars and tourists parked on corners included... no I dont care how bloody beautifle that vista is your parked on a blind corner and I could have parked my bike between your two front seats :evil:

    Overtaking should be as risk free as you can make it. You should telegraph your intentions indicators etc.. thats why their fitted and if you moving to fast to use them or alow enough time for them to be seen 4-5 clicks well then your a bloody idiot. Plus when you are going to overtake give any rider a wide berth, experenced or not. .. I believe you should alow almost alow as much room as a car, corner or speed permiting.

    but to that guy :jerk:
  18. Glad you're okay. I haven't really had that happen to me, but I understand how scary it is. I live in a city where cagers do similar all the time.

    They go to overtake, but they're accelerating as they move, and not moving over very far. The result is them missing my rear by inches, me being very unnerved and scared, and wanting to beat some sense into them with a cricket bat.
  19. shut up , get over it and if you think riding is without risks hand your liscense in and catch the train.
  20. Having a bad day Glen? :(

    I admit I'm one of those crazy riders who sometimes do that sort of thing - but you wouldn't do it to a learner. You might scare them and run them off the road, and plus it doesn't set a good example.

    Even if you're going for a fang, you can still be nice :)