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Getting stuff off the exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Azamakumar, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Just washed my bike for the first time in a couple of months, and I'm greeted with ~stuff~ on the exhaust. Attacked it with metho/kero and had a quick stint with brake cleaner to no avail.



    How on earth do I get rid of it :/
  2. Same here. Been riding in the rain for the last month or so. Cleaned the bike a 2 weekends ago but there are some granular particle spots which refuse to go away.

    I was thinking of getting an old toothbrush out and scrubbing it when washing the bike. Will try that next time. But if there's a better way, then will try that.
  3. Looks like a cooked bit off the sole of your boots. I had a similar problem with a lot of side mounted exhausts.
    I actually found that I cooked the leg of my textiles onto my exhaust. Used a plastic paint scraper & the square edge of a key to effectively chisel it off. Followed this with a polish of Autosol & all good.

  4. lol, the culprit is actually my work shoes. Had a flash back to my bbq king days, do they have hi-temp for cars/bikes? I'm thinking a quick blat then onto it pronto with that stuff should make easy (easier?) work of it.
  5. You could try giving it a "blue job", to polish away stains....
  6. Angle grinder
  7. sandpaper, chemtek then autosol
  8. I'd hesitate to use serious abrasives like sandpaper. Even if you do get it all off you'll get most of the chrome off as well.

    I'm interested in this as well because I've got some plastic shopping bag that blew up against mine, and nothing I've tried so far has worked. I'm thinking acetone (nail polish remover) or ... I dunno. Something chemical that dissolves plastic but not chrome.

    Angle grinder - right. Ta. I'll get down the 9' now and go have a look at it. Wait there ...
  9. I'd take it for a spin first so it's hot, then try a rag soaked in turps or petrol (no smoking).
  10. A rag soaked in petrol, keep changing the rag as the crud is softened and removed.

    Works without scratching the chrome, unlike most other options ;)
  11. Tomorrow morning I'll head over to woolies for a can of oven cleaner, and see how that goes on a hot pipe. Failing that I'll have a dig with petrol.

    Stay tuned in for the next update sometime tomorrow.
  12. Also have a look at the shit they use to clean irons. You know, from when you tried to dry your nylon socks by ironing them. Iron cleaner might work.
  13. Don't forget to finish with a bit of rubbing alcohol (like isocol) to clean any oil residue, or it will bake on and tarnish the pipe.
  14. gumption ?

    that shit cleans anything - may be to abrasive though - hmmm make sure you use a very wet cloth
  15. Oven cleaner is very caustic. Should be OK on the pipe I think but don't get any on your motor or anything else alloy.
  16. Oven cleaner should be ok - i use it on mychrome exhaust, BUT, spray it on COLD exhaust, then heat the bike up for a few mins ( i do 4) AND have a hose handy to wash it off - you might not get it all on the first go, but you will get it if you do it regularly!
  17. polish bro...

    but the finest polish u can find...

    copper/general metal polish is ok. as long as ur not polishing it every weekend its ok.... to give u an idea i get grime on my pipe and i usually polish every 2-3 months, nothing major.

    the other one which will work which ISNT abrasive is ammonium nitrate on cotton buds. (its similar to nail polish,)

    im a drummer and used to use it to clean my drum cymbals.... however, like polish, it isnt abrasive but will remove and chemical coatings of the metal...

    google things like silver polish, mega fine polishes....will work great!
  18. p.s. might look shit, but migh be worth getting some metal tape/aluminium tape over that little patch that gets dirty ? save u having to polish
  19. shit forgot about this, uploading pics from the weekend now
  20. well attacked it with some of this.


    Rode home from work on sat so the pipe was a bit warm. Left it outside for a bit to let it cool off, then whacked some on.


    End result:


    Let it sit for about 10 minutes before scrubbing with a rag. Put some more on and let the bike idle for a couple of minutes and still nothing.
    Back to the drawing board. :(

    EDIT: ugh forgot to edit the last post.