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VIC Getting started on the track?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by imomox3, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong section and if so please move it to the relevant section mods.

    Bit of background information, I've been riding for about 4-5 months now and ride every day; rain or shine. I ride a Honda CBR250RR MC22 and I live in the Western Suburbs. I've gotten to a point where I know I'm a bike person, and I want to keep riding, faster and better. As much as it's fun to speed on the road etc, I know it's just not worth it and I really want to test my skills on the track and avoid doing the illegal shit on the road. I moved to Melbourne 6 months ago and don't know many people that ride nor do I know about the track scene here so I'm hoping you guys can help me get started.

    I don't know where to start so please bare with me and give me all the necessary details and information I need to get started.

    • How do you get started?
    • Where do I sign up?
    • What are the local tracks and best for beginners? I live in the western suburbs (Cairnlea) but don't care to travel further.
    • What specifications does my bike have to be at? Any limitations? (CBR250RR MC22)
    • Are racing fairings necessary?
    • What kind of track specific license will I need?
    • What class will I be learning in?

    There is probably a shit load of questions I'm missing out on but if there's a break up of what I need to do and in specific orders please let me know. I want to start hitting the tracks next year.

    Thanks in advanced!
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  2. Just go to your local tracks website and follow the links to "track days"

    All your questions and more will be answered.

    Rule of thumb: one or two peice zip together leathers and a road worthy bike.

    The scrutineres will take care of the rest.
  3. Victorian tracks....

    Philip Island

    Western suburbs...Preston Motorcycle club...http://www.prestonmcc.com.au/news.htm

    Normally there's a 'race school' ( ride day with tuition ) at Broadford in Jan or Feb.

    That can be done on a road bike just by taping up the lights and mirrors and wearing suitable protective gear.
  4. motorcycle aus recreational license: around $90-100

    club membership (annual or single day): annual $60+

    track fee for the day: $60+

    all of that you can sign up for on the day. just find out when is the next track day and rock up. check out the websites for your local club
  5. Heya,

    I'm in the same suburb, happy to go for ride sometime. I've been riding on and off for 13 years, long breaks sometimes between bikes (had 4).

    My thoughts:

    • How do you get started?
    • You can just Google Phillip Island or Broadford racetrack and it will take you to the appropriate site to sign up. I first went with friends who used to always go.
    • Where do I sign up? As above.
    • What are the local tracks and best for beginners? I live in the western suburbs (Cairnlea) but don't care to travel further. I tried Broadford first which is smaller and good to start on in my opinion. I tried Phillip Island for the first time on the 20/12/13, that was intimidating the first session but after that I got some basic training from the coaches there and loved the next 5 sessions. I will definitely go back to PI soon and maybe do the superbike school level 1. Broadford think I am going to go 25th of Jan (haven't been for about 5 years there).
    • What specifications does my bike have to be at? Any limitations? (CBR250RR MC22) No limitations just needs to be road worthy. At track they will tape your mirrors or you can remove them. I take mine off. You will also need full leathers to be allowed on track.
    • Are racing fairings necessary? No
    • What kind of track specific license will I need? Think you need at least P's on PI? Check the websites.
    • What class will I be learning in? I've only been to each track I mentioned once so far but picked the slowest group (both times others were not really slow.....)
  6. I just did Phillip Island on one of the hire bikes.
    It was awesome.
    The start of an expensive habit.
  7. Yeh I reckon, how amazing was it though hehe. Such a big track and so much opportunity to just go all out. I always dream to upgrade to a 1000cc bike but after PI realise I just need to learn to ride my 600 better lol.
  8. 600's are great for learning to ride a big sportbike
    they require a lot of skill to ride
    on the edge i mean, you have to really push them to get the proper feedback from the bike

    mick doohan says a 1000 is too much for the road
    rainey and schwantz (from memory) also say 1000's are scary

    and those guys are better riders than anyone on netrider
  9. Some other points.

    Broadford is $169 for the day, and its on the weekend so you dont have to take a day off work if you're full time. Phillip island is about $100 more and generally only on weekdays. Then add cost of fuel (usually 1.5-2 tanks worth). If on road bike you will want tyres that are at least new-ish. Even if your tyres have 5000 road k's and nowhere near the wear markers, you will have changed the profile of the tyre somewhat (from wearing the centre of the tyre more than the outer). long story short but when you get to the track and lean that tyre further than it has in its road life, your tyres contact patch with the road will greatly diminish and you will probably like me, find your first track day cut short...
    As for Broadford vs Phillip Island. Broady is cheaper and better suited to small capacity bikes. PI is, well, just awesome! but more pricey. It does feel way safer to me though, with its international standard run-off areas and gravel traps. Broady on the other hand has bushland on the outside of most of its corners, and even embankments on some others! PI has also got nicer garages, toilets, food, and you dont have to ride on a gravel road with your ultra-sticky tyres collecting small stones before each session.
    Also sticking your bike on a trailer is waaaaaaaaay better than riding down. You WILL be rooted physically and mentally by the end of your sessions and long trip home is much more comfortable in a nice car.
  10. Heading to Champion's at Broadford on the 15th of Feb, I understand that you can't have a camera mounted.

    Is this just so they can try sell you their own? How serious about enforcing this are they?

  11. I heard that at PI you can be banned for life.
    I think the main reason is safety. Just to ensure one doesn't act hero for camera and focuses on the riding and doing your thing fully focused.

    Having said that, Superbike school were working on "legalising" cameras. Not sure what the progress is though.
  12. I'd personally like it, not to show anyone, but to analyse how i go, getting round the track, and how a change in approach/line may affect the following corner etc.

    I would always do it in my time racing cars, and found it very helpful.
  13. If they see a camera or a lap timer, they will just confiscate it and give it back at the end of day. Haven't heard of anyone being banned for life. Maybe if you're a repeat offender. When I asked about cameras and lap timers at PI, the organisers said it was the circuit owners rules and not theirs. Probably some sort of increased liability risk for the circuit if something goes awry. I have a micro video camera which actually fits inside the rear axle of the gixxer1000. Quality isnt exactly go-pro standard though! Lap timers are also not allowed but they're way easier to hide so every man and their dog has one stashed somewhere.
  14. cool, any suggestions for discreet timing devices. I was going to just get my old boy to stand there with a stop watch, but i will have to buy him lunch, so perhaps there may be a cheaper option.


  15. Why would you want to risk it with the video and timing devices?


  16. Because every time I go to the track I want to improve and go faster. A lap timer is the simplest way to gauge your improvement

    Anywhere out of view is fine. Most guys have the gps type lap timers which you can stash under your seat or ducktail then link to your phone to get the data at the end of the session. I have an older stopwatch type which means you ahve to press a button everytime you complete a lap, but hey it cost me $20 on ebay. I have wired it so that the switch is my horn button. The display is out of sight behind the dash but easy to retrieve at the end of a session. Half the bikes these days have inbuilt laptimers and I dont see anyone escorting them off the track...
  17. Nice work with the sneaky horn button hack! Classic..

    will see how i go, the tracks would rent out dorians and their timing gear to the club when i used to track the car, so its all a bit foriegn having to keep it on the downlow.

    Will let you know how i go.

    Cheers, and thanks for the advice!
  18. Otherwise there are a few apps for your phone which use its gps to laptime. Not the most accurate Im sure and the couple of times I used it, it would only show 4 laps out of the 10-11 I did. another time I came in after a session all fired up to get my phone out of my leathers to view my blistering laptimes and it said "not enough gps data" or something like that. Its worth a try though and better than nothing. I was using the Pirelli app but there are others. Pirelli is free. Some others are $15 from memory but might be better.
  19. For anyone looking to go Broadford more. Champions currently have a few packages for $599 for 6 ride days. Can use anytime within 12 months from purchase dates.

    Pretty good deal, I bought one. Doing CSS 1 and 2 next week. Really want to practice what I will learn on track but PI is too expensive to go often so above cost was a winner. Plus I live close enough to Broady to ride there, do the track day and ride home.

    I'm going Broady the 25th of Jan, should see you in Feb there paddy.